Warm-Up Email #3 [Template & Copy Principles]

Subject line: Curiosity – two different examples – they want to know if they’re making this mistake, and gives a promise of what they can find out

– Although this is still a warm-up email we’re past the ‘teasing’ stage so this one is very direct about the fact that the launch event is just about to happen. Also build the excitement about it in this email! 

– This email is to challenge the ‘same old, same old’ model and show that there’s a new (better) way. It plays on the fear of being left behind (but nicely, not with icky fear-factor – in line with Laura’s values)

– Lay out the problem your audience is currently finding challenging

– Then position the solution to that problem

– Short quotes can add depth to an email – ideally use one by someone you know your ideal client would most likely know and admire. If you’re using a powerful quote, explain why it’s relevant in this context, and for the reader

– Explain WHY the solution matters to the reader. This is the big takeaway you want the reader to get from this email – which is based on your expertise, and positions you as the person to give them the most effective/most current solution

– You’ve opened the gap in this email between what the reader is currently doing and shown them that there’s a different (better, newer) more succesful way instead. BUT we don’t want to leave them to feeling it’s beyond their capability.  So acknowledge that this new way of doing things might feel like a stretch for them, and then go straight into reassuring them that you’ve got their back (this is for positioning and building trust, and showing that you genuinely care about their success)

– In closing, you can now be very direct – tell them what’s happening (your launch) and to look out for an invitation email

– Build the excitement again