Warm-Up Email #2 [Template & Copy Principles]

Subject line: Curiosity – they want to know if they’re making this mistake

– Open straight up with what the commonly held belief, or standard practice in your niche is, which you want to challenge in this email

– Use the ‘share a secret’ device to draw people in and show you’ve got their best interests at heart. Also it positions you and the person with the inside information in your sector

– Present the counter-intuitive argument as to why this common practice is more harmful than helpful

– Let them off the hook if they’re making this mistake (we don’t want to shame them) by acknowledging that their intentions were from a good place, they just had the wrong strategy

– Explain the negative effects or unintended consequences this can end up having on your ideal client’s results, if they follow ‘common advice’ rather than your more nuanced, informed advice instead

– Show you’re the expert. Then open the curiosity gap – again you’re telling them it’s a fine line but completely do-able (so they want to know how) and then letting them know they find out the answers in your live launch event

– Invite replies (this can also give you good ideas for content)