Warm-Up Email #1 [Template & Copy Principles]

Subject line: Intrigue, or a question  to pique their interest (if you use intrigue make sure you ‘pay it off’ in the first section of your email)

– Open with a compelling personal story which acts as a metaphor/illustration of the point you’re going to ‘teach’

– Explain what this life experience meant to you – the meaning behind it, and the lesson you took from it. Then pivot to why that’s relevant to the reader. You need to do this quickly so you don’t leave the reader thinking ‘great story, but what’s in it for me?’

– When you segue from the story to why it’s relevant to the reader, this is where you introduce the limiting belief you want to shift in this email

– Let them know it’s not true, with empathy

– Drop in an ‘authority’ statement i.e. what qualifies you to teach them on this point

– Then go into your teaching piece – this is the big takeaway you want them to have from this email and the new belief you want them to have instead of the outdated one from before 

– Open the curiosity gap. You can tell them what they need (in this case it’s that mindset comes before launch success) but you’re not (yet) telling them how they can achieve this different mindset or what it consists of 

– Lightly seed the fact that this is what you teach your paying clients, so the reader knows this is something you can help them with

– Give them relief (from the curiosity gap) by saying how they can get the answers i.e. starting to prime them for your live launch event

– Ask a relevant question which invites a reply