Launch & Thrive – 8th Jan 2020 – PM

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  1. 7pm is bedtime routine so I will post a few questions here and have to come back to the answers/discussion on the recording… My first quest in ‘Launch Goals’ is going to be list building so I would welcome any structure around that… my second qu is that I have more (underused) contacts in LkIn but I don’t really like LkIn; would it be a good thought to channel any LkIn interest I generate over to FB and then use FB as the main platform? You have suggested in my personal recommendations to use one platform… or am I being too complicated in trying to funnel them across? Thanks.

  2. [No-pitch masterclass funnel]: I’m at that place I always end up in when I try to do a funnel; namely, the entire structure is built and functional, and now it’s about getting volume into the funnel so I can start seeing conversions happen. Facebook ads aren’t doing well. I’m individually reaching out to people in FB groups and having conversations, but that’s not too scaleable. What do you recommend?

  3. Hi Laura
    A 1:1 client finishes her time with me mid Feb. When would you address the question of staying on?
    We are making an action plan for the last 5 weeks of coaching in this round.
    She is a start-up and the business model is innovative and exciting ( my ZOG and am very proud of what we have come up with. Do not know of anything like it), but it is at the very early phases and non revenue generating and will have slow growth.
    She is a dream client and would love to continue to support her in this vision.
    She also does need someone to help her with the overall strategies and execution, as well as to point her in the direction of people she will need in specific areas of expertise. this is perfect for me and where I really add a lot of value and have fun.
    I guess I also have pricing questions: last time she committed to 3 months plus a VIP day.
    Thinking of offering 3 months or six months.
    If she pays in full, I could offer DFY business design maps: revenue streams, business development, product development, business model, etc.
    Do not want to present too many offers
    Do you give any sort of savings for paid in full and / or for the length of the contract?
    Smooth words to broach this subject would be great.
    Email of successes and what I see next – or on a call?
    do you set this up on a separate call or in one of her regular calls? Many thanks!

  4. Hey Laura, first off yesterday was amazing, thank you! ☺

    To my question… once again could you please take a look at my challenge tasks and see what you think. I’m hoping it’s a lot less of the ‘how’ now and something I can run with!

    Day 1 – Show them why they need to think as a ‘student results’ based business, and help them clarify their result or transformation.
    Day 2 – Show them the importance of belief, and help them rediscover what they have to offer as an educator.
    Day 3 – Explain why content quantity isn’t the answer, and help them assess their own content to see if it’s likely to help students consume and implement.
    Day 4 – Explain why students being able to see progress is so important (success path), and help them figure out a rough 3-5 stage path of their own (without milestones, tasks etc).
    Day 5 – Help them set a plan to tackle an area of their content to have greater success moving forward.


    Small follow up request…

    I’m feeling majority unprepared and like I can’t do this, having next to nothing ready to launch this month. Please tell me I’m being a silly billy and can smash this no problem! 😛

  5. I’ve had a message on Instagram from a lady requesting some advice. I really think she would benefit from private coaching. Would you pitch private coaching straight away? (This has happened a few times now and I don’t know how to address it)