Launch & Thrive – 8th Jan 2020 – AM

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  1. Morning Laura – VA has redone the challenge sales page- much better eh?
    Could you help with payment page? It seems like ThriveCart only have MINIMUM price, rather than a “suggested price”.
    So when I put it the price in the box at £7 – people can’t pay less. (I want those in Africa/Asia to be able to pay what they can).
    So we put it down to £1. Just had my first sign up – she only paid £1! Is there a way to set suggested price up on THrive cart that I haven’t seen? Or is there a way to express it better that it’s CHOOSE YOUR PRICE? (But don’t be stingy!) THanks
    Hope I’ve expressed this clearly!

  2. Hi Laura
    I am going to be using membervault to deliver my launch. It is has some great features that allow you track engagement throughout. Sara Masci used it for her challenge last time and shared how great it was. I used the platform to run my group program and LOVE it.

    I have been thinking about hosting my workshops within the membervault platform (and streaming into the fb group also). What are your thoughts on embedding a youtube live and using chatroll so that people can view the workshop directly in the platform.

    Alternatively, I can use Zoom webinar and allow people to access the webinar via a link (attached to an image) within membervault. Which option do you think is best?

  3. FB Ad questions;)
    Our launch is starting the 3rd of February. What are your thoughts of pre-launchun the FB ad next week to have enough time to optimize the ads?

    For a launch ad (sign-up to free event) do you reccomend having one ad going out to all audiences (different lookalike audience + current list?) Or one that is targeting current lists and one for lookalike lists?

    Do you recommend having NO interests in this ad? Just specify age (?) and countries?
    Using conversion or trafic?
    And last question;) creating 1 ad with two ad-sets – image and video or 2 separate ads (one image and one video)?

    (btw, I’ve watched three of the LIVE sessions today/Tuesday. SO good!! So inspiring and honest and to the point! Brilliant. Thank you 🙂 (looking forward watching the rest tomorrow)

  4. Hi Laura, just following on from yesterday’s fab session on planning your time so it’s a #nofaffzone….on a call before Christmas you and I talked about the strategy of setting aside 3 days at the start of every month to plan out all your social media posts and content. If I decided to do that, would the idea be to create the content for the month at that time. For example any new videos and and blog posts for the month, which I would use to create the social media posts? In that case I’m thinking I would need less content creation space in my diary for the rest of the month?

  5. Happy new year!!
    Just before Christmas I cancelled my membership and told them I was probably not going to relaunch it this January. It was an emotionally tough decision but felt exciting and freeing because it wasn’t taking me where I want to go in 10 years (or much less).

    I realised that what I want in ten years is to be on big stages talking about the power of stories to completely change your life.

    So now I’m freaking out a little because it means starting from (almost) scratch. I want to keep it fun and playful and easy to find the right clients to run my beta programme with. I’ve already got clarity that I’m going to do a thorough comb through all their comms materials (emails, web site, social channels, etc), deconstruct the stories they’re telling (vs what they *think* they’re saying) and help them create amazing stories with their customers at the centre of it all.

    How do I start from scratch? I’m not even sure whether to create (another) new web site or just reach out to contacts I know in the online business world and invite them to play with me, exploring how the stories they tell themselves and the world are limiting or collapsing their worlds…

    Feeling at a bit of a loss, wondering if I made a mistake. Slightly fearful this is self-sabotage biting me hard and I should have been more patient with MamaFuel, but our family needs the money to be flowing in thick and fast in the next few years as my husband is retiring.

    I guess my question is: what’s the next step and is there a launch-from-scratch in my future?

  6. Follow-on question: any tips on how to build this as a sustainable business from the outset? Want to be smart about how I set it up. Thanks lovely.

  7. V quick question, I’m trying to access the next level launch assistant replays but when I put the password in nothing happens – I don’t get through to the recordings…as I doing sthg wrong?

  8. Last question: would you hold off on the planning process for the year until I land my first client then Laura? Or press ahead with enthusiasm and optimism? Thanks lovely!!