Launch & Thrive – 4th Mar 2020 – PM

[chatroll width=’100%’ height=’500′ id=’jcgHOJ25O3v’ name=’launch-thrive—4th-mar-2020—pm’ apikey=’pshed0e7fcutm08u’]


  1. Tech Q (I’m using OBS and Chatroll on my website page) Q- Do I need to open my webpage to see the chatroll and then put it on mute? But focus on OBS screen (to transition between webcam and powerpoint slides?) … do I need YouTube live open or just focus on OBS? OH- and I am streaming and not recording right?!? Thanks J x

  2. Sorry for 2 Q’s – ah I really love tech?! I got WP Bakery today and on front end editor when I try to add a text block (or row, or video) nothing happens… once the text block appeared and then I pressed save…but nothing happened?! Sorry! I’ guessing its cos I have a custom website and it doesn’t like it?!