Launch & Thrive – 4th Dec 2019 – PM

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  1. Since we last talked, I am working on my course to launch in late January. I have a small waitlist of people who wanted to get into the membership. Since I may not do a separate launch for the membership until March can I give them an offer to get in? What does that look like?

  2. I’m doing a random free call for my list and students and we’re setting up our bullet journals for 2020…I don’t intend to pitch anything during this call, just have a good time and mingle with my people…but should I invite them to sign up for the no-pitch masterclass at the end?

  3. Hi Laura, One of the reps at site ground told me I could get my theme upOne of the wraps at Saint Brown told me I could get my team updated for a small fee, but I just got this response. i’m not sure what he saying, can you explain it? Thx!

    Dec 4, 2019 01:35 PM
    Hello Anna,

    Thank you for your request!

    I am afraid that we do not provide template update services. What we can do is:
    – Switch your current template to a default template of WordPress
    – Delete the current template
    – Install its latest version

    In this scenario,m you will then need to further adjust the template to your needs. If this is not suitable for your needs, we can issue a refund of the payment for this template installation request and you can then seek assistance from a professional WordPress developer to help you update the template.

    Let us know how we should proceed.

  4. Hey Laura, I really feel like I’m making HUGE progress with LLT. I’m so grateful. My question is about the results I promise. Is what I’ve written below sounding right to you? I’m conscious of not over-promising because my people can move slowly – the trauma and shame can be deeply held ??
    I promise to teach you how to grow into comfortable conversations with your kids about puberty, relationships, sex and consent.
    I promise to support you to develop new skills to raise a young person who can care for themselves and respect others in spite of the pressure from the world around them. We do this by teaching you how to start comfortable conversations with your preteen kids about puberty, sex, relationships and consent.

  5. I’m working on my email nurture sequence for my freebie (My freebie is a pdf of a few of my stories- the theme is ‘My 1st experiences’) . I’m using your email templates from LLT and just want to check I should be following them, because I don’t have anything to sell to them yet .. and membership won’t open until mid May 2020. So my call to action is to go to my website to read my blogs or fill in a typeform to tell me about yourself/share a story back. Q-Will that keep them hooked and engaged enough? Thanks. J

  6. Dear Laura,

    I’m meant to be running my Choose You Challenge on the 27th December (welcome week)… Though after what you said to Maisie this morning – I wonder if it’s better to do it later in January. What date is everyone in L& T launching?
    Shall I do it the end of Jan? THough it’s all about ending the Year, and creating 2020… THough I’m shattered. And could pause!!!

  7. Laura I’ve gotten REALLY behind. I’m about to create my videos from Module 2. Can I create a series of videos that DON’T lead to an opt-in? My opt-in will come but I don’t want to delay. Thanks.

  8. I am working on CTAs for every single piece of content but it’s keeping me stuck and I’ve fallen behind with IG which is my main platform. Should I just post without CTA to be consistent? Obviously trying to at least cover the most basic basics!! Thanks.

  9. When you’re doing a landing page do you have the checkbox for people to opt in to your list on that landing page? When and where do you gather email addresses? Because we can’t just gather them when they ask for the opt-in. Wondering about GDPR requirements… Thanks.