Launch & Thrive – 2nd Jan 2020 – PM

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  1. Hi Laura! [No-pitch masterclass funnel]: Can you tell me specifically the kinds of emails you send after the webinar with the pitch? Do you do a Thursday-Sunday kind of thing? I’m wondering how to incentivize people to watch the replay and buy the course…

  2. Happy new year Laura! I would love some help with my offer. Current options are as follows:
    Monthly – £29.95/m
    3-Monthly – £75
    Annual – £299
    Everyone gets the same in terms of deliverables in the membership – meal plans, monthly themes, weekly Q&A, FB group and monthly group coaching calls. Show-up rates to my coaching calls really dip after a couple of months of new people joining and I’m finding them really demotivating and not enjoying them. I’m considering charging extra for the coaching calls so people value them but unsure how to structure the pricing. Also I presume I would still need to offer coaching calls to my current members as this is what they bought. Going forward, I could possibly only offer them to annual members and have this as a more expensive VIP option?? The annual option is never that popular so I could do with offering an extra incentive to bump those up a bit.

    Also I have not put my prices up in two years!! I don’t know whether to do this now, or next launch (perhaps a B-level internal launch around Easter time as I don’t want to do another A-level launch until June??)

  3. Hi Laura, welcome back after your epic holiday!
    Please could you give me feedback on this landing page? It’s for an opt-in targeted at senior women who need to make changes in their life to feel less dissatisfied with the shitty bits and intentionally design more joy into their day-to-day? Thanks

  4. Happy New Year!

    Ok so I’ve had a few weeks off while getting crazy season out of the way with interior design project deadlines.

    Now I’m back to it with getting my first launch off the ground. Would you suggest that I follow a 12 week plan from the start with LLT to ensure my list is built correctly and my audience is warmed up? Or should I set a shorter deadline, to get it launched quicker? Only because i feel like it’s literally taking forever to get things off the starting block! I’ve got a few things already done like freebie, content plan.

  5. {Website launches on Feb 14th, and freebie goes live Jan 10th!} – Q- What things can I do to get my some early email subscribers. {On Instagram and my ‘other’ site} Plan is personal out reach as number 1 – but would love your thoughts and advice. J x

  6. Question about offering business strategy: If so, just wondering do you like offering packages (ie. x amount of dollars for these particular things) or do you find by the hour works better and let the client choose how long? Or is it just preference? I’m also thinking about price – I have 15 years of high-level business experience and have invested so much into my training experience. How do you choose your pricing on a technical level (I’ve got the energetic piece lol)

  7. Am re-naming things this time.
    Have decided the launch event is an Online Business Retreat. (not the sexitest of names right now)
    How connected to you feel the name of the launch event has to be to the membership? Have not named that either right now.
    It is not a “learning” membership and is mostly coaching, inner work with some trainings to support. I want to position myself clearly so people do not expect a big “how To” format.
    Any suggestions as how to communicate this clearly?
    Soul Craft Branding and Business Model membership – does that land with you and is it too long?

  8. Hi Laura,

    Could you check out the sign up page for the Choose You Challenge and give me feedback on how to improve it -