Launch & Thrive – 2nd Jan 2020 – AM

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  1. Me again, been dying for a coaching call!! I want to be controversial and do a classroom launch for my fitness business, I think there are just too many challenges in January and I would like mum’s to focus on fitness to boost mental health and I don’t want to get lost in the millions of challenges for well being, mind set and fat loss. Could you please give me your views on the following focus for a classroom launch please, in brief as follows:
    Classroom launch 1 – Discover the benefits of exercise on your mind/mental health in 10 mins, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. Part if this would be teaching a couple of body weight exercises that boost your mind. I have FB ads prepped and ready to go on this from Monday.
    Classroom launch 2 – Discover all the different types of exercise and what you think is right for you including physical benefits of exercise on your body in 10 mins, 1 hour, 1 day and 1 week. Part of this would be teaching a couple of body weight exercises that work your heart and lungs (with a side order of peachy bum cheeks)!
    Classroom launch 3 – Discover how to overcome obstacles, how to workout when you have no time or energy (most of the time then!) Part of this would be teaching a couple of animal flow exercises that you can do with the kids and some ideas for fitting in some simple low cost moves with your minions.
    The offer session would be work out live with me and do a whole body workout in your lounge, see if you like it then pitch.
    Thoughts? I have run a few polls on IG and in my closed FB group and these are the themes that are coming up so I think they resonate.

  2. Hello again!! Facebook ads question, I have 3 video ads running this week, all approved first time which was super exciting but don’t want to waste money so I’ve set £3 spend per day for each ad, the same ad being shown to slightly different populations in FB and IG in the different formats. What would you say is a good metric to measure the ad success from, it’s pointing to a landing page with a freebie. I get that I want them to click to download the freebie and give me their email address but looking at the dashboard in FB Ads Manager am I interested in video percentage watched or 3 second video plays or video average playtimes or none of these? Just trying to make sense of this data so I can take a view on how to proceed. TIA.

  3. Sorry subsequent question, how many different variations of audience would you run an ad to for testing purposes and can an audience be too narrow, for example when I target mums aged 25 to 35 in London who like mumsnet with kids aged 2 to 5 & 6 to 8, I get an estimated population of 1.5k, is this too narrow? I think this is the last question for today! Thank you so much ?

    1. Also how much would you set your limit at daily, I have gone for £3 per ad per day but not sure what you recommend? IG story ad performing better than FB but I think that makes sense as I targeted everyone who had engaged with my content on IG, so far this cost is 0.07 pence per result on IG, in total this week I have spent £14.08 and I have 6 link clicks in total costing £2.41 per link click and 4 opt ins to my freebie. I want to run a new ad next week to a new FB audience targeting a different interest, should I do that?

  4. Happy New Year Laura!
    I’m unlikely to catch this live since I’m on my way to Cambodia with my family to meet my extended fam and celebrate my mums 70th – lucky us.
    Not so lucky – I’ve been in bed for the last 5 days with shocking flu and have done NONE of the work to prepare for my beta launch that I had scheduled to do. No launch copy, no slides for my workshops :(, no landing page set up, nothing (have workshops outlined, feel good about them, offer is still a work in progress – will look at that while I’m away) :0
    I don’t want to delay my launch so my question is: what’s the most bare bones launch I could do? I’m thinking: FB live 3 x workshops into pop up FB group (get email addresses on entry), write the launch emails as I go along (once I’m back from Cambodia on the 14th Jan). Full disclosure: I’ll be writing the course I’m launching as I deliver it over the next two months so rough and ready sits ok with me. I’m willing to fly by the seat of my pants as long as you don’t thing this is ridiculously optimistic? I feel weirdly ok with just doing my best this time around … better done than perfect …
    Thank you ??

  5. Happy New Year Laura,
    I am working on my offer / sales page for the membership. I have several guest experts lined up: branding, legal, pinterest, instructional designer, vedic astrologer and a few more.
    Most of them are already confirmed, but also want to leave space for new experts according to what I feel the group needs.
    1) The experts are speaking for free and will be making paid offers to the group, with an affiliate agreement. Do you have any suggestions about guest experts in general?
    2) On the sales page, would you provide names /bio of those who are confirmed?

  6. Happy New Year Laura and everyone! Joe Dispenza is still blowing my mind 😉 I desperately need help with my free gift opt in page! I historically had one in Clickfunnels which used to convert at about 50-60%, then I stopped having such good results with it – seemingly overnight! So my VA created a simple opt in page in convertkit (as an interim measure while we moved everything over to Kajabi). This was to shake things up and try something new. But things have gone from bad to worse and this opt in page has a conversion rate of only 11%!!! I know the page is not perfect – I think the image is too dark and gloomy for examplem – but I can’t understand why the conversion is SO bad….any ideas? As I mentioned on our coaching call my tech VA has now just gone off for 2 months travelling (and I won’t be using her again!) but I need to do something quickly to get some new people on my list for my January launch event starting 20 January. I am trying not to panic! I could switch over to the new Kajabi page but that is very similar to this convertkit page – so I am not sure it will make any difference? Here is the link:

  7. Hi Laura:
    I still want to pursue 1:1 on an ongoing basis. Do you have a workflow / strategy for 1:1 lead gen? Am thinking more high touch.
    Do you only approach this through Messenger / IG messages? You are more established and would love some advice as to nurturing the 1:1 conversations and inviting to a call – Smooth Laura words much appreciated.
    My basic idea is:
    Nurture new leads / deepen older ones through direct voice messaging on FB and IG
    From there, if there is a good feeling, invite to a chat. This would be a real get-to-know you chat, no pitch.
    When would you do the pivot to a right fit / sales call? Do you have other advice for 1:1 lead gen?