Launch & Thrive – 29th Jan 2020 – AM

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  1. Morning Laura! I’m closing my membership down, posting the last of my podcasts and hitting pause on MamaFuel after that. No idea when I’ll be back to it.

    My IG handle is and I’ve built amazing connections there. Do I rename to @annedferguson or do I start from scratch and invite people following MamaFuel where I talk about all my different activities (Story Spinners and the other aspects of my business)? I’d still like to keep MamaFuel as a place where I blog and exchange with some of the amazing mothering connections I’ve built there but I don’t want to have too many channels open.

    It’s a detail but it’s got me stuck. Thanks.

  2. Morning Laura, When should I offer the downsell?
    I’m doing some bonjoros this morning offering people a ‘right fit’ call. Should I offer it on the call?
    The downsell is the first month of my 12 month programme at a reduced price.

  3. Morning 🙂 im driving but listening. Is it a good idea to do a FB ad letting warm audience know cart us closing? If so would a short video be a good idea do you think?or maybe just one of my existing images but change the headline to say doors are closing? I know in an ideal world I’d experiment but I haven’t got time to spare in testing different ads this time round. LOVING this launch ❤️

  4. Morning, Laura! I’m not going to be doing a launch event for my membership until Sep but could do with some new members before then. I’m going to do a mini-launch in for Galentine’s day on Feb 13th where the members can invite a friend in. Then in April, we have a hormone reset month where they get lots of additional support from me so that feels like a good time to open it up to the waitlist – should I also put the offer out on social media too?

    The other strategy that I’d love your thoughts on is to offer the membership at the end of my nurturing sequence when people get my cycle tracking freebie.

  5. Additional Q: as I don’t have a web site yet (I have a couple but not one that brings it all together under my name) do I still get that profile going to start to build an audience even without a site?

    I have sites for:
    Your Copy Lab
    Your Process Lab
    And I COULD make one for Story Spinners

    But that feels really heavy.

    OR I could do just one web site under my name that brings all the communications and story information on….

    I’ve been noodling this for YEARS and can’t figure out how to do it.

    Any tips would be so welcome. Thank you.

  6. Morning beautiful Laura. I’m back. Life requested a break from me in the last few weeks. I have kept posting my videos on LinkedIn and building some good connections. I’m doing the Power hour and receiving 2 to 3 new connections per day of my ideal client or at least people in the corporate world.
    I have also received a request for a meeting with the Directors of a big Training organisation in Mexico.
    I’m definitely feeling a lot more comfortable
    with videos and social media after doing about 23 videos record (No Lives) in LinkedIn. But feeling a bit of a failure and very embarrassed because I’m not more advanced in your program.
    Ask: I guess I’m asking for your permission to live all this behind and get back into the program with you. Thank you.

  7. Morning! For the membership launch – im wondering if to say im only taking 50 people for the founders as a way to create urgency. what do you think?

    I want 50 people but have only mailed to 400 peeps.

  8. I want to do a refer a friend offer but I haven’t sent out the email to my members yet – is it ok to allow that offer to run over the end of open cart for a few days?

  9. My members don’t like moving to a new group for each challenge and each 8 week program.

    Wondering what options there are? 1. Everyone joining the members group and running the 8 week program with them.

    2. Permanent program group. People who don’t sign up to membership- get removed.

    3. New group each time I run the program. Takes an age to upload the videos.