Launch & Thrive – 26th Feb 2020 – PM

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  1. In terms of your 1:1 work, how do you support your clients? Are you there as a coach, leading and advising, or do you do the doing? I ask as I’m reviewing my 1:1 offer – I’m getting amazing leads through who are perfect but most haven’t used ads before. They don’t want to manage it themselves, and they don’t have a VA/OBM in place to help them, therefore it feels like there’s a gap in how I can support them. I don’t want to offer management but is there still a place for me to coach, without doing the doing…

    1. this was a really good question that I didn’t know I wanted to ask — thank you for asking this, it’s got me really thinking of what I want to do with my offers that’s scaleable

  2. Not sure if I’ll make the call due to kids bedtime however I’m struggling with setting up a conversion ad in FB, my freebie is in Leadpages and it has the FB pixel on the thank you page however I don’t see this as a conversion event when I’m setting up the ad. Should I have the leadpages freebie landing page integrated into my website? Also do I need to add the Facebook pixel to the header when I create a new page on my website? Currently it’s embedded at header level generally in the site and I’ve done the chrome checker and it’s working and I can see data in FB analytics, I don’t know what to do with that data though! Gosh hope that makes sense! Thanks

  3. Hello lovely,
    I need to re-coup my ad spend for the traffic I will be sending to Teded and Buzzfeed.
    For TedEd I can’t sell directly but can offer something on the Thank you page of my free download
    In view of LLT launch , do you think I can make both of these (TEDED and BUZZFEED) mini funnels to a small $$ offer?
    No real budget for ad spend this time for the launch

  4. Hi Laura – I’m still trying to work out what I’m going to teach in my program – have got my modules – see below – but what’s missing is a lot of the how to in terms of implementation. The program covers strategy – which is obviously vital, but I want to know how to deal with objections and support more so they can implement tactics. I’m thinking that my pre-launch content 2 weeks before should include a lot about strategy and the benefits of it, and deal with objections then, but also considering how to build in the ‘how to’ tactical implementation? Perhaps it could be in the form of bonus content like you’ve done with LLT this time, or maybe it could all be in the membership that I’m going to launch on completion of the program. OR, should I let them have access to the membership during the program – or do you think this will stop them doing the strategy work???
    Module 1 – Dream client
    Module 2 – Finding your marketing mojo (The Marketing Mojo Method)
    Module 3 – Conversations with friends mindset/approach/framework
    Module 4 – Offer/Positioning/Message
    Module 5 – Content themes
    Module 5 – Creating your marketing/content plan

    Would love your help with this please 🙂

  5. Hello my lovely –
    I would really love jumpstart my higher end offers to people who are further along in their business.
    The main thing people come away with are growth strategies, new income streams and renewal / deepening of their brand.
    I recall you speaking of offering a 100% refund if people did not feel they received value for a program or offer.
    Would like to offer VIP half or full days as the focus of this – and can easily prove where the extra money will come from.
    These are not only business strategy + brand re-focusing + innovation
    What I would like for these are killer testimonials.
    Was thinking of doing this through relationship building mostly, posts / organic traffic + application form. Suggestions?

  6. If you have time (no worries if you don’t) – Any coaching tips on how to do the work? I know I know, you’re laughing at me, but I mean – I watch the amazing videos, and then I watch again x1.5 speed to write notes…and I’m on coaching calls.. and then I just don’t finish all of the actions! Then I get frustrated that I am not motivated to finish… but I am super motivated to watch the video again! {Face palm} .. I really want to #dothework – Any tips on how to complete it (not in a perfectionist way, just in a normal way) THANKS J x

  7. In doing the ideal client work I *FEEL LIKE* I know so much about my ideal client to the point that it almost overwhelms me. Any suggestions on how to keep this simple and focused?