Launch & Thrive – 22nd Jan 2020 – AM

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  1. Dear Laura, I am thinking and thinking and cannot land my soul’s calling event’s content and sales week regarding the teachers in my membership. How much to involve them. (the are ready, but I am not sure if I might lose the grip of the event if I involve them too much),
    This is my set up :
    Souls calling event kalender

    Workshop 1: Jannecke. The nature of a soul’s calling.
    Possibly Vibecke (affiliate) popping in to speak about souls calling related to ascension??

    Workshop 2: Jannecke: The path to discover it.
    Possibly Anja (affiliate) popping in to speak about fear??

    Workshop 3: call with two teachers Camillo & Katy (confirmed and bth affiliates)

    Weekend Q&A’s: Jannecke

    Workshop 4 : Jannecke’s Pitch (any teacher in here to speak about their class?)

    Sales week
    Tuesday: interview with Jamye about her class on the membership (no affiliate) on MY facebook wall
    Wednesday: X?
    Thursday: Interview with Andrea (affiliate) on HER facebook wall
    Friday: (cart closing) Interview with Vibecke on my FB wall about her class??
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Good morning lovely Laura! I’m cracking along with my two lovely one-to-one clients for Story Spinners. They’re providing really helpful feedback and I’m getting clearer on my process and my future offer. I’m starting to think about pricing and wonder how to price a service that hasn’t existed before for me and that I’m not sure exists elsewhere (although other people’s pricing shouldn’t be a reference point, I know). What I AM clear on is that this will be the most high-ticket offer I’ve ever put out, right out of the gate.

    I’m going to close down all the things related to my membership by the end of this week, wrap my one-to-ones and transition my IG account to my own name to prevent being branded there. I feel the momentum and am excited and I want to get this pricing thing RIGHT. I thought of asking my clients what they would pay for this service but that feels the wrong way round. Any tips welcome. Thanks.

  3. Hi Laura, even though Tanya will review my copy this evening would you be able to review my Sales Page as more as a “Launch Coach” if anything else besides the copy needs to be updated?
    This is a Beta course, should I mention it somewhere? I am saying in the pricing that in the next launch the price goes up.
    What do you think of my bonuses, price, etc.
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Also, because it is a beta I am not looking for selling to a lot of people ideally I would like a group of 5 to 10 people max. Should I mention it somewhere that there are limited spots?

  4. Dear Laura, good morning!
    My founding members (in my Membership) are coming to an end of their 6 months contract beginning of February. Now it is time to renew the membership. Any advice on how to do this? Email? Plus 1 on 1 chat? they keep the same founder’s price for the membership but I again give them a chance to pay 6 or 12 months? Any additional bonuses?

    Thx. Lenja.

  5. Dropping kids! Back at 9.15am – would love to hear answer

    Please can you go into how you would do the pitch for the membership (founders launch)

    would you show success path
    how would you cast the vision
    how much would you say is not ready

  6. Hi Laura,

    I’m midway through launch week, we’ve had workshop 1 and 2 and it’s Q and A tonight. I was feeling great as we started off because I’ve doubled the number of people in my launch event for the same budget (and I did the ads myself this time which was big shift for me!) and engagement has been great. People have loved the workshops and everything should be rosy. But, the backup VA I’d organised to support through the launch was suddenly unavailable Monday and Tuesday just when I needed her and my husband got the chance to go on a last minute skiing holiday (with my blessing) so I have been doing all things and now I feel so exhausted I don’t even know what my name is!! I’ve also started to get the fear about numbers next week when I know I need to be fully engaged with my launch event rather than thinking about numbers. Any tips on getting the energy back? Feeling a bit lost and teary! Am listening but driving

  7. Hi Laura
    I have had a crazy amount of people joining my launch since starting this week ( I had 27 people yesterday.

    Each day I am updating my email sequence so new people get the right info at welcome. I am wondering whether there is a better way to do this? I want to make sure that people are getting the info for that day but also access the replay. I am using Convertkit.

  8. So following on from last night’s chat … can you run through how you started to be the success before you had it. My number one focus for 2020 is mindset and mental and spiritual growth.