Launch & Thrive – 20th Nov 2019 – PM

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  1. Follow up question on being friendly on social: Am I being friendly to parents who might need my service OR other business people who serve the same audience? Perhaps both? I don’t want to waste time and social media really stretches my ability to keep myself focused. I’ve got a huge squirrel brain. The more detailed and structured I am about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, the easier it will be to keep myself on track. I love L&T coaching day!! It’s helping me learn to ask for help as well as giving me the help I need – WIN WIN WIN!! (PS. I’m officially your biggest raving fan)

  2. Hi Laura! On Sunday I have a webinar with a teacher where we will sell at the end a physical workshop in oslo + live tickets to my live event as an upsale. However is it an idea to also sell the membership to this webinar list? The argument for that is that the workshop and live evening we are selling is only in Norwegian and the webinar is in English. And the teacher I am having a webinar is a masterclass teacher on the membership, so then the English speaking would have a way to continue with us. 1) is it too much to communicate? 2) If we also sell the membership, should the teacher get a cut, since she has brought into some people (don’t know how many cause we don’t have affiliate set up yet)

  3. I always thought I will do a beta course so I can build my confidence and my course content. I am wondering now after working on my workshop slides and my pitch offering if these elements should be different if I do a beta. For now, I am still really unclear about what will be my course content that’s why sometimes I am struggling with the content for my workshops. Going through your offering pitch slides and thinking of mine I am wondering if this can be the same for a beta? Thanks

  4. This year I promised myself to bust 2 of my biggest challenges: driving and videos. Well, I have about 6 weeks to go to achieve both. Failed my second attempt on driving today. I’m gutted. But I’m still in the game. And for videos I’m exploring doing a video challenge for the whole month of December which consist in posting a 1 min daily video on LinkedIn. Topics could range from being vulnerable, posting reflection questions, quick ideas from a book I read or i’m reading, inner critic (which is my lead magnet) and just anything that might engage women in Leadership. Now I need help on naming that video series: I’m looking for a name related to 2020 planning. What about “1 min closer to 2020”?

  5. Hi Laura, Re: my new website, what are the important things to look for when choosing a theme? I want to have a big button for joining my FB group. Do I need to pick a theme that has a button where I want it already? Or can I add a button after I purchase the theme? Can I change the colors after purchasing the theme or am I locked in to their colors? How do I get the theme from themeforest to be applied to my site on siteground?
    BTW, you were right, siteground’s support for website hosting is awesome!!

  6. Hi @Laura Phillips I’ve got three guest experts coming in to do bonus trainings – I’m thinking it’s enough to add the payment plan and shout about that first, and then keep these up my sleeve for tomorrow? What do you think? Also would you announce them all at once or drip feed them? My other bonus I could add after the weekend is they get x months free into my new membership.

  7. I had a podcast question!

    I was thinking about how to create content and grow my list.

    Thinking a podcast might be a good plan as Im used to hosting webinars and enjoy it.

    knowing me 🙂 is this a good idea
    wondering if i could create a podcast looking at babycare topics and business aspects. killing 2 birds with one stone with what i do. OR should i just focus on one thing…. i.e. membership.
    If membership …… how would you have that flow alongside the membership. i.e. would you have the same speakers come onto the podcast as a way of promoting the membership too?

  8. Hi Laura,

    possibly asked this before!

    We are running a marketing week in Dec for people part of the Holistic sleep coaching program.

    I will have you and also someone who focuses on facebook and automations.

    I wanted to create a simple week long challenge and wondering the best way to do this. Would you get people to submit tasks? Wondering how to make it fun and get them all involved. This would better utilise the hot seat sessions as they would have more questions…

    Instagram (something very basic) – they are all struggling with this and not my area!

    Values exercise

    Customer profile


    Something around creating content (maybe a video?)

    Any ideas?

  9. Hi Laura
    I’ve been updating my sales page – still need to add in the about me section, and flesh out the module descriptions, but have incorporate the payment plan – if you have time at the end of the call please could you have a quick look? x

    I know I’m only supposed to have one question, but feel like I need all the help I can get at the mo!! x

  10. Ok, so I guess I don’t know where people are coming from. I feel terrible! I will do the homework you gave me for the subscribers. I don’t have conversions set up on GA. So what do I now? What is first and where do I find training to set up conversions on GA? And how do I start tracking this?

  11. Hi again Laura! 5 people have cbaxelled because they cannot afford it they say. We have offered half price for three months and they were very grateful. We are contemplating on offering a scolarship next launch for those who struggke financially. Good idea!

  12. What do you think of this new launch promise? Create the life you’ve always dreamed of by turning your hobby into a business while having a positive impact on the world.

  13. Hi Laura,

    I need a quick injection of money before the close of the calendar year. I’ve been super quiet with my list for months… any ideas of what I could do now before relaunching my membership? I feel the pressure of time ticking.