Launch & Thrive – 20th Nov 2019 – AM

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  1. Rookie FB Ads question. I went to set up an ad to build audience via my freebie. However, although I put the freebie landing page url in the set up, it keeps putting the standard website url below the ad ….. this would mean the ad says ‘Free 10 part mini course’ but the link would take people to the paid programme. I’m probably being thick – just haven’t used ads for a while and keen to spend a bit each week building my list before LLT lauch in Jan.

  2. Hi there looking to move from Karta ideally want an all in one solution – email marketing course portal landing pages etc. Thinking of switching to Kajabi – would be great to hear your pros and cons of this platform and any other recommendation with links please ?

  3. Hi Laura, this is the ‘New You in 52’ twelve month programme waitlist page:
    I’m planning to use the same page with pricing and a checkout for the Sales page.
    Pricing: NY52 package (CW30 + NY52) £390 … the first 30 days will be my existing intensive ‘Change Your Ways in 30 Days’ programme.
    Bump – plus personal coaching £?
    Downsell CW30 only £97
    What do you think? ?

  4. Morning! So I’m having awful trouble getting my head around (this is embarrassing ??‍♀️) being friendly on social media. I know I’m a bit clunky but I can’t work out what to say to people about their posts … unless I’m overthinking it and I only need to comment on posts I genuinely am interested in?!? Help.

  5. Hi Laura, I’m feeling overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of things I need to do to make my business profitable. And the overwhelm is showing up as procrastination. (This now feels like an “Dear Laura” agony aunt letter, but …) how the heck do I get out of this and into action?!

  6. 70% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest. I have great engagement but over the last 3 months my pinterest traffic has been cut by 17% and my organic growth and direct growth has increased. Overall traffic is down. I pay a Pinterest manager 400$ a month to manage my account. I also pay a social media manager $275 to do FB and Insta. I am still working fulltime so I have felt this helped me maintain things until I can work remotely again. The ads on my site almost pay for my Pinterest management but I am wondering if I shouldn’t spend the money elsewhere and not be so focused on these platforms and just get my funnels optimized. Thoughts? I am most likely not making any money unless my products sell like right now is peak season for the RV Travel planner. I have to get my spreadsheet together but I am scared to stop this effort.

  7. Am looking at my offer for the membership in Jan
    The basic offer is 197 / month or 1970 for twelve (2 months free).
    For the soft launch ( the one next week) you suggested no VIP – and completely agree.
    For January launch:
    What do you think of a VIP offer for the launch, or would you focus just on offering great sign up , fast-action bonuses?
    VIP 2997:
    One 1:1 call every 90 days
    Akashic Records Reading : 1 every 90 days
    + something else: could be an extra training or VIP group activity – suggestions?

  8. Qn: how many waitlists would you have? 1 per product? Or would you have 1 general waitlist and then 1 for the launch event (from the no pitch-masterclass?)
    If people watch my no-pitch masterclass, then won’t they get bored of the launch event (cuz it’s the same content)? Should I then just direct them to the membership waitlist?

  9. I’m struggling to decide on my bonuses, I’ve got something for the doors are closing but not a fast-action bonus/something for people who opt for the annual payment. I know that an extra webinar is a good option but I’m also feeling tempted to offer a limited number of 15-minute womb SOS calls where they can speak to me 1:1 and ask me one question. What do you reckon?

  10. Hi Laura, I reviewed the flow for my workshop 3 following your feedback. What do you think? I started the content of the slides. This is not finished yet. I haven’t started the content around launching your business alongside your business.
    In the Success stories, what do you recommend? Should I ask success stories on people launching their business (their best advice) and/or on launching their business alongside their current work. Slides 12 to 33 are the slides I started creating with the content.

  11. Morning Laura ? thank you so much for your advice last week about batching time but especially batching days. What a huge aha. So simple but so effective. From this week Tuesday and Thursday are consultancy. Monday Wednesday Friday are membership – I feel so much more on top of things ???. Ok – so my set up currently – I have my original brochure site in Squarespsce, a separate template product site also in Squarespsce, my membership site is memberpress using a divi theme (I think) then I have Clickfunnels and convertkit. I used to use go to webinar but have recently changed to zoom webinar. The membership site seems complicated on the back end and also the layout and journey through the site is not clear as I would like for members. Whenever I amend modules and changes what’s in them it always seems a complicated process and I end up having to compromise and it doesn’t look clear for members.Clickfunnels makes my head hurt, especially connecting it correctly with go to webinar/memberprsss/stripe and convertkit. It’s pulling it all together that I find tricky. So I have decided to move everything to Kajabi. I know you are not a fan of Kajabi but I like the clean layout, it means I can have everything on one platform so it doesn’t need connecting. Plus it’s way cheaper than paying for all the different things. I know you feel it is restricting as a platform but I think the simplicity is what I need for now. Plus I love the new Kajabi app functionality….The tech VA is pulling everything together before she goes away for 2 months in December. She is doing videos and will explain how to add resources to the membership, set up the sales and landing pages etc. Do you think this plan sounds sensible? Tash x

  12. Ok – I just heard everything you said about Kajabi ? I’m already part way through transferring everything over….I like convertkit so
    Maybe I use Kajabi with convertkit for email? I get Kajabi cheaper as I signed up at Amy Porterfield’s event ($103 per month, which is 1/3 off)

  13. Did I leave my question in the wrond thread? I need an urgent recommendation for a membership plugin for my WordPress site – I need to move my course from Thinkific to my site

  14. Morning… Wanting to pull off a quick webinar… To lead into a mini course – that I’ll create LIVE…

    Did a poll – and my free group want tools for dealing with triggers and anger… Could you feedback on my quick outline of the webinar page please:

    Tame Your Triggers Webinar
    Shift from Reacting in Anger to Responding. (on one line)

    * Understand why you’re getting angry
    * Gain skills to process your intense feelings
    * Communicate your needs in a healthy way


    1. Secondly – wondering about the price for the workshop I’ll share at the end of the webinar…
      Thought of charging £47 to the free group. (£20 discount for the membership)
      It’ll be 4 hours: mini course, answering their questions, worksheet, meditation, practices