Launch & Thrive – 19th Feb 2020 – PM

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  1. Hi Laura – working on my offer and find deciding on the course modules and what to include tricky as have lots of ideas floating around in my head. Please can you point me to any resources or help me with some kind of formula to structure it and work that out?

  2. Hi Laura, I’m feeling stuck. I could use some help on bringing in other revenue streams in my business so I’m less reliant on my membership for my income as this naturally goes down each month as people leave 🙁

    I have a sugar free mini course that I’ve recently re-recorded that I can turn into in an evergreen product but other than that I don’t have any other ‘assets‘. (Courses/programmes)

    I’m currently training as an NLP/Mindset Coach but I’m not quite ready to create any offers around this.

    I’m just feeling stuck and uninspired and have no idea what I’m doing with my business this year, what I’m launching next or when! Help!

  3. Hi Laura!
    AM working on my membership offer and my next launch. I have a close friend who is an amazing life and productivity coach. I am looking at bringing her in as a part of my membership offer.
    The business, growth strategies and branding coaching would be me, she would be in charge of helping people stay on track, goal setting, productivity and help remove some of the obstacles with life coaching tools
    She would be a great addition and take the whole experience to another level.
    Would you work out the pay structure on a per person basis?
    Right now the membership is 197. I would love to attract people who are further on in their business so as a team we can help them tackle larger projects.
    Would you keep the 197 until we reach a certain number of people, then raise the price OR would you position this added layer of service as part of a VIP experience?
    On her own, she sells this kind of service at a similar price point as is – so trying to find the economics of it all