Launch & Thrive – 19th Feb 2020 – AM

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  1. Hi Laura, I may not be at a laptop so may not be able to join as dropping the kids at holiday camp, however my list building is very slow, I am partnered with Sweaty Betty, Kensington Mums and have now had 3 press articles published about me and my mental health fitness, in March I am running an event with a GB Olympian which I am trying to get a national paper to cover – my question is that since I properly launched I feel I am doing OK with all this from a PR perspective but although in each article I am sending the traffic to my website or a landing page, my list is not growing massively, what else can I do to maximise the PR that I am drumming up please? I am doing the usual, IG and FB posts and Linkedin. Any thoughts please lovely? Thanks

  2. Hi Laura.. I’m massively trying to build and warm up my audience. I had a lightbulb creative moment – To do a webinar a month (March and April) – Talking about ‘How Fab works’ (for newbies) and ‘Reading my super sexy stories’ … To avoid pervy freebie hunters… I want to charge £5 … What mini launch would I need to do to promote and when? A few emails and a sales page…a week before?…. Any other thoughts on charging for the webinar? Thanks. J x

  3. Hi Laura, it’s midnight and I see myself freaking out about my launch 😉 (launch in the form of a summit). I deeply feel this is going to be massive and I’ve never been so organised in my launch in my life but I’m just catching myself wanting to add this and that and to learn this and that etc. I need to draw the line. and say “that is good ENOUGH LENJA”. I just needed to vent and say thanks for being such an inspiration in your launch!

  4. I’m celebrating! I did my first ever webinar last night. We had all sorts of tech gremlins to start with but I pushed on through and I made 7 sales on the call for my £197 beta programme!

    I’m over the moon that I’m finally off the ground with this! So first… thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone. ?

    My question now is… what should the rest of the week look like. I’ve done nothing apart from sent a thank you email to the buyers.

    ? – Cart Close is Saturday for a Sunday start.
    ?- I have two groups tagged in ConvertKit – ones who clicked the webinar link, and those who registered an interest but didn’t attend!
    ?- I edited the tech gremlins out of the webinar and uploaded it to YouTube as Unlisted – so that is ready to go!

    How do I approach the rest of the week?

    1. 1. Send Out Reply – We start on Sunday. If you’ve wanted to work with me for a while then now is your chance.
      2. Retarget them on page… pixel them. Countdown timer. Let people know limited spots (possibly subject line).
      3. Objection Busting – Thursday – will it work for me? Will this actually work, think where they are at right now. Think about what questions they have. Time / Money / I’ve done things before and it hasn’t worked /
      4. Friday – Speaking to the heart – sharing stories/ shame around men struggling & support /
      5. Cart Close Emails on Saturday.

      The whole of the list! I’m doing it for you guys cos you asked for this….

      Open up calendar for Saturday r.e. 15-minute conversations r.e. objection busting.

  5. Hello Laura,
    Congratulations on the new LLT. It looks EPIC!
    I’m running my launch ‘experience’ next week. I’m following the advice you gave me to do three workshops then make my offer at the end of the 3rd. The 3rd workshop is an outline of my method for making sensitive conversations easier. Feel good about all this.
    What’s the flavour for moving into a pitch? The way I see it I will have been describing how to climb the mountain and then the pitch is I’m offering to help them learn more about the mountain and walk beside them as they start climbing it during my 5-week course. Have I got that right? I definitely can’t help them climb the whole way up. That would be in a membership to follow (which I’ve not thought about yet!). How can I work on my mindset to feel rock solid and even more excited about the selling part? Thank you. I’m so grateful and amazed to be at this point! YOU ROCK! xx

  6. Hi Laura, Back to the paid online retreat.
    My original idea was to have 5 sessions / lessons of about 45 min each with exercises to do in between that would take no more than 1 hour.
    Session would be: Fri pm, Sat am and pm, Sun am with a round up call Sunday pm
    You suggested one longer session – possibly one afternoon. If I were to do the shorter experience, would you do : call / independent work /call?
    Thinking of what to offer afterwards as well – Since my goal is to build my membership, would you offer a one month trial ? normal $ is 197
    Will post more about the actual content – either in tonight’s call or in Slack
    Thanks a million

  7. Hi Laura! Couple of Qs:
    1. This one is quick – My cart closed almost 3 weeks ago. I have been immersed in looking after new members. I STILL haven’t sent out my downsell. It’s a 2 week half price trial of my legal membership (access to the lessons and FB group, but not the legal templates). I would like to send out the offer today for to complete the whole launch cycle, so I can then send out my ‘what’s the reason you didn’t buy’ questionnaire and completely draw a line under this launch. Does it look unprofesh to send out the downsell when it’s 3 weeks after cart close?
    2. I feel like I am going up a level at the moment in my membership and also for my next launch. I need to improve the look of my set up for my FB lives in my membership, filming lessons etc. I am happy with my camera for the moment. I have a ring light which is ok….but not great. And in terms of backdrop it’s a bit tragic. Any tips? Do you think you could do a behind the scenes sneak peak of your set up at any point?
    Thank you x

  8. Hi Laura,
    Yesterday my members went on a rampage on RUMINATION – of getting stuck in self criticism. I was on my way to bed… But realised it’s a BIG subject… So I hardly slept – worked on it late, and woke at 4:£30 and carried on outlinging a mini course on rumination. I now have over 15 points that could be + 5-10 minutes each.
    I wanted to create a course like you did for the VA support workshop you did.
    1. WOndering what steps you suggest to launching easily? I want it to be a series of mini videos… Though could create it LIVE – and then edit the videos into bite sized chunks for resale…
    2. And How much to charge…? I thought it could be £99 for the rest of the world… And £49 for my members… (And could be an additional thing to add to cart on future 8 week program launches as well as be an evergreen product that drips in extra money).
    3. I’m in week 2 of the 8 week program. Next workshop is with you 4th May… Wondering when to Launch it? So I’m not constantly selling…