Launch & Thrive – 16th Dec 2019 – AM

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  1. Can you talk a little bit about the pitch webinar for the people who sign up for your waitlist? I’m going to watch yours and am already surprised it’s 2 hours! None of my webinars ever go over 1…I’m just trying to figure out how to structure it…

  2. Hi Laura – hope you are feeling better!
    I will miss the first part of your call this morning as have to go to a school meeting but have a Q.
    Landing and thank you pages for Jan launch.
    I have an existing one of each within my site for my current freebie to audience build.
    I didn’t create it – my original developer did in something called Beaver Builder within WordPress (plugin I assume).
    If I have a fiddle around am I right in thinking I can copy/ update them to make landing and thank you pages for a) wait list, and b) launch event or do I need to buy Leadpages?
    I’d rather have it all in one place but will do what you think best.
    Thanks! x

  3. Hi Laura, could I just get a little more clarification on my challenge tweaks please, and I’ll get a new draft together for the new year. You said you were happy with Day 1 and 2, so could you just talk a bit more about 3-5 please? These were your suggestions…

    Day 3 – Help them asses their content (did you mean for them to see whether they need to chunk it down?)
    Day 4 – Give the winner a review (how would this work if I’m going text based?)
    Day 5 – “Talk about some of the things you need to do” (I didn’t really understand that one).

    Thank you! Glad to see you’re feeling better 🙂

  4. Good morning :))) Happy (nearly) christmas hols :))) 1. I have just finished listening to Joe Dispenza Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and I am 2 days into my meditation practice – it is already blowing my mind. I totally get why you say it changed your life. I am so excited!! 2. Thinking about my workshops for my launch event in January – the Legal Love-In. Last time the order of my workshops was:
    1. Workshop 1 – shining a light on all the ways not having your legal foundations in place keeps you playing small, not charging properly, procrastinating etc. All about mindset and how liberating your legals are – and how they deal with so many fears, leaving you free to do your best work
    2. Workshop 2 – working out what type of contract you need to best protect your biz- one to one, online terms and conditions, both? Supply to consumers or business?
    3. Workshop 3 – what you need on your website
    The thing is, I know this order makes sense logcically, but I also know the best attendance is at Workshop 1 and it feels a shame that the most possible people don’t get the tangible benefit of what we cover in Workshop 2 as that is where they work out specific contract info for their business which is really useful…..maybe I could cover the contract topic in workshop1 – but it feels mindset is the first thing we should cover and in some ways this is the most important piece….?
    Happy Christmas gorgeous Thrivers!!!

  5. What do you think of these names for my launch and course?
    – Launch course name (Love To Launch Planathon) = The UniToShine Launch Impact OR The UniToShine Planathon OR Love To Launch Planathon (can I use it?)
    – Let’s Launch Together course = Launch With Impact OR Let’s Launch Together (can I use it?)