Launch & Thrive – 13th Nov 2019 – AM

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  1. @Laura Phillips – you gave me feedback about the soft launch of my membership
    Wondering about offering a VIP version as well.
    Join now
    14 Months for the price of 10 if paid in full. 1970 USD
    Otherwise can still get at 197/month

    I would include 10 calls with me (50min), (TOO MANY?? Would one per quarter be better?)
    6 Akashic Records tradings (30 min)
    297 / month
    So price recap
    197/ month or 1970 year
    297/month or 3322 year

  2. I can’t believe how much better I feel about running a paid workshop! I guess sometimes crying in public online really IS what’s needed. QUESTION: I don’t have anything to point my attendees too after this two-hour workshop, no membership, no more in-depth course. What can I talk about at the close of this session with them if they want more? That’s what everyone says I’m meant to do, right? (I won’t be on the call live as I’m still in Toronto after working with Shelli Varella on my story ?)
    Feeling so grateful for you, Laura.

  3. @Laura Phillips I have 32 people who signed up for my webinar. I want to run FB ads today, and I wonder whether to promote a post from my page in the feed or to have side ads as well. I thought to run ads for my freebie as well and see what works best.
    I have issues with my group, it won’t show join requests. I dont know what to do about it.

  4. @Laura – if there is time, I would love some of Laura’s Smooth Words for Uncomfortable situations:
    Great potential client. Have been in touch with them for a few years and they are a friend. Business is taking off and they asked for a brainstorm session – then hire me. Want to put it in a nice way that am happy to catch up and see what they need , but to do that kind of work, They need to book and pay for an intensive. This will be a written email / message…

  5. Morning! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Scorpion sister (not that I follow my horoscope closely) . I’m thinking on offering 30 mins session coaching calls to my contacts in LinkedIn. My (Good) target for my first launch is to get 18 people and I wonder if short discovery coaching calls might be helpful as I would really like to get to talk to these women. Also, what is the best way to link this strategy with the big launching plan? Thank you

  6. The Q&A calls during my launch event – I know you recommended doing them on our FB page so that we get more engagement, but my sense is that this is going against the safe space that I’ve created for people to share, so should I do them on Zoom (streamed into the group) and if so does that mean they need to register for them?

  7. Another question – I’m relaunching a course that formerly I priced at 67$, it had two modules and I added now two more modules. I thought I’d still price it at 97$ which is bellow 100, and offer to those who have already bought it to upgrade for 10$. Any thoughts?
    It is an art course

  8. Good morning, I seem to have lost 2 of my admin (thats all my support!). I wanted to launch the membership in a few weeks but I’m going to launch in Jan as need to hire and train people!
    So, if I wanted to start with a ‘legal’ masterclass but if starting in Jan – would you recommend starting with goal setting / reviewing the year ahead type of workshop that fits with Jan? Also as Jan was going to be the second launch where I would raise the price shall I just start at the second / higher cost i.e. £27.99?

  9. Hi lovely, I’ve still not reached out to my lovely list re the upsell and downsell, as I feel whatever i offer will sabotage getting them onto the program in jan. I tend to over give. Not sure why I’m strugging with this, any help would be great

  10. Hi Laura, feeling a bit overwhelmed right now! The good stuff: I have 50 members in my legal membership for coaches and they are loving it a I get lots of great feedback and the work really lights me up. The bad – because I’ve been through various VAs (the good ones seem to keep stopping doing one to one work….) my setup is over so many different platforms I can’t deal with it myself or understand how it all integrates and that means I have ended up using a really expensive tech VA. Who has just announced she’s going travelling for 2 months over my January launch ?. Because she’s so expensive it is sucking all the profit out of my membership and so I have to keep saying yes to traditional legal consultancy work which really doesn’t light me up at all. I end up prioritising my membership and letting down the consultancy clients (Which I hate) so I feel like I always have consultancy clients shouting at me! I have asked my tech VA to simplify everything tech wise before she goes away so I can at least know how to do it by myself and then hopefully find someone more reasonably priced so my membership can be more profitable and I can stop doing consultancy work. But in the meantime I am just stretched too thinly. HELP! Any tips how to get through this tough season and how to remain productive despite the overwehelm. Sorry it’s so long!!