Launch & Thrive – 12th Feb 2020 AM + PM

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  1. Hey Laura – just wondering what you think about a 6 week program – all about high touch marketing (Up Close & Personal) leading into my membership Conversations With Friends. Watched the BETA training but wondering whether I validate the program first and run it is a BETA but do more of an experience launch to promote it rather than phone calls in order to increase awareness for the membership that’s also going to launch …???

  2. Hi Laura. Sending family hugs this week. I’m getting paranoid (not sure if I should be yet though!).. I have 233 subscribers and 95% of them are single males. When I get to 10k in Dec I want this to be a mixture of males, females, couples. Q1-Should I be worried I have such a niched list at this stage? {They will be a great audience to sell to, but I really want a mix of swingers and non swingers for my membership in May}. Q2- I’m thinking Facebook ads to get newbies, but what engagement do I really need on my business page (I only have 3 posts on FB bus page so far)

  3. Thank you for always answering so quick in Slack <3
    Question: We have an exclusive masterclass that we have used as a bonus for our membership. This time, this bonus is only for annual members. Now we have gotten a few requests from monthly members wanting to buy that class.
    1. Good idea to make it a product? (not include it in the membership but sell it as a separate class)
    2. How to price it? The monthly membership is $39 (where you right now get access to 15+ masterclasses)
    3. And what discount price would be right for the members?


  4. Hi Laura – Hope everything went well this morning and that you are getting some rest.
    This is about my downsell.
    The membership has launched – tiny but launched and am ok with that since I did not promote.
    My downsell is a virtual weekend retreat that is included in the second month of the membership. It will take place March 20-22.
    Price 97
    Membership price is 197/month.
    The weekend will be focused on message /deep branding (possibly one core offer if there is time)
    Q: Would you give one month access to the membership as a bonus, or would you end the retreat (FRI -SUN) on the Sunday with an invitation to continue?
    Thanks lovely

  5. Hi Laura, thank you for showing up to a Q&A even in the week that you’re having.
    I’d appreciate feedback on my Launch Experience sign up page. I’ll put the link in a reply below since I seem to remember links sometimes mean Qs don’t get posted…
    Thank you ??

  6. Hello lovely, I’m holding you all in my thoughts and sending LOVE.

    I’m wrapping up my free pilot with three AMAZING clients late Feb.

    I’d like to onboard four high-end clients for a four-month paid “pilot phase 2” at a hugely discounted rate.

    What’s the best way to do personal outreach? I’m feeling a little bit of resistance even though I KNOW my offer is amazing and powerful.

    Thanks lovely.

  7. Hi Laura! I’m just mid beta launch a la Laura at the moment. Sent out my Deep Dive Survey at lunchtime today and already have nearly 100 respondents who’ve said that the would be happy to speak to me further. Clearly I don’t think that it would a very good idea to offer everyone a call (remember tribe bonus?) so how would you go about segmenting. Should I cherry-pick people who I think would be best from their answers!? Gender / Age / etc?

  8. One more Q from Kerrie (if possible): what are your thoughts on program name options … The Extra Mile, Up Close & Personal, The Human Touch, The Personal Touch, The Business of Making Friends, Nurture &, Front of Mind, – OR – do I put My program, membership & podcast all under the umbrella brand of Conversations With Friends?