Launch & Thrive – 11th Dec 2019 – PM

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  1. When I’m running my ads for my videos, do I run one video one week, stop those ads, do a second video, run THOSE ads, run a third video and only drive traffic to V3, etc? Or keep ads going for all four to see which performs best?

  2. I’ve priced my membership low so it would be a no-brainer. Instead what I’ve found is that it’s a no-participator.
    My founders are in at $25/month or $275/year
    Second launch was $33/month or $333/year
    What’s happened is that very few are showing up. Like they don’t really have skin in the game and the group isn’t big or dynamic as I’d hoped.
    There’s work for me there to make it more dynamic, but the bottom line is that they’re NOT showing up.
    So I thought I’d jump to $100/month and $1,000 annual.
    Obviously give them more for the higher price, but thinking those who join may be way more ready to actually put themselves first and SHOW UP.
    This might also be a coaching Q… Would love your thoughts. At this point I am excited to serve fully, show up MORE and give more. But my motivation isn’t rock solid when I do things in isolation. I feel like what I’m really giving is a mastermind/one-to-one coaching for a massive group programme price…

    1. Right now they get:
      * weekly live call with me
      * Marco Polo group that they love but aren’t very active in
      * Occasional parties to celebrate events but again, few show up
      * Monthly masterclasses WERE happening every month in the first half of the year but again, no one was showing up and they also weren’t listening to them after the fact on the platform
      * Book recommendations, readings, meditations and gentle yoga practices (none regular, but when I find something that will support them)

      I’ve asked them what they I could do to support them. I’ve offered a bunch of options. Those who DO participate (about half the people, which is low single-digits) are really just hungry for support. Nothing else.

      Honestly I’m at a loss and that’s why I feel the higher price might get more engagement and allow me to bring in guests etc without bringing them into an echo chamber.


  3. Hi Laura, hope you’re feeling a bit better today.

    I would like to get your first impressions on the first draft for my challenge and the topics hit over the 5 days…

    “5 Day Online Educators Breakthrough Challenge” (working title)
    Day 1 – Show them why they need to think as a ‘student results’ based business, and help them clarify their result or transformation.
    Day 2 – Show them the importance of belief, and help them rediscover what they have to offer as an educator.
    Day 3 – Explain why content quantity isn’t the answer, and help them chunk down content that gets big results
    Day 4 – Explain why student implementation is key, and help them put a small number of elements in place to get people to take action and stay motivated.
    Day 5 – Tell them how the transformation leads the whole business, and help them implement it in their marketing

    Side note… I realise that there’s very little here that goes over and helps them with the actual content they deliver in their program/course (which was central to what we discussed), but I felt doing it this way would allow me to touch on more facets of this whole thing and see what people like. Thoughts?

  4. Busy busy busy with the questions… here’s a HUGE one: because engagement has been low and I’m struggling to keep people showing up, do I CLOSE this edition of the membership, grandfather in the founding members who really want to stay and show up into the new membership at the higher price point and build from there? Probably another coaching call… as you can see I’ve been thinking a lot this week!

  5. Hi Laura, I am thinking to organise a free summit.
    – When you organise the summit how do you approach the guests?
    – Do I need to pay the guests? My understanding is that it is free advertising for them as the organiser will promote the summit with ads plus all guests will promote to their audience.
    – How can I ask my guests to share the summit to their audience on SM & email list? I remember what you did when you shared The Doing It Online Summit with us and I think it was really good.
    – Should I ask my guests to have slides or can I be on camera with them?
    – I guess it is better to record everything before starting promoting in case a guest drop off?

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Can you talk a little bit about the pitch webinar for the people who sign up for your waitlist? I’m going to watch yours and am already surprised it’s 2 hours! None of my webinars ever go over 1…I’m just trying to figure out how to structure it…

  7. A question about pricing. I’m thinking about an up-sell – 10 weeks of a live online coaching, 3 hours each session – I teach Mandala and Sacred Geometry patterns, we paint and then we analyze the work. A combination of art / self-reflection / personal development course. It is for a small group of people 5-10 at most.
    I tried to think of a pricing for such a thing and came out with about 700$. Does it sound feasible? 70$ per session, about 20-25$ per hour.

  8. Very simple question – am I right in thinking the plan in LLT for launch to be w/c 20th Jan? If so I am going to go for the week before as I am travelling first half of w/c 27th so need to do celebration/ pitch on 20th, cart closed 24th. Thanks! xx

  9. hi Laura – feedback from this morning.
    So – self-doubt is from things not working + fear related to ex and how safe it is or isn’t to speak out. Fell things should have taken a different turn by now, but objectively, have not been able to move freely.
    Back end / all the tech pieces tend to slow me down as well as copy. This is again linked to it being safe to use my voice.
    Also, have been feeling pressure (market / other people’s expectations) to be a more traditional business coach, but that is not where my zone of genius is.
    focus only on my ZOG,which is a cross of branding, business model and product development for people who are on a spiritual journey and want a business that is in line with this and supports this journey.
    Will be bringing the outline of the membership to the next call.