Launch & Thrive – 11th Dec 2019 – AM

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  1. You may cover it later in LLT however I am midway through Module 6 and you’ve mentioned doing the workshops (classroom launch) in FB Group. I definitely plan to have a FB Group for the launch but had planned to do the actual Workshops in Zoom (I know you’ve said in the past that FB can break quite often, plus I’m not sure how easy it is to show slides in FB (will try this out)). I would like to do it all in FB as I feel with my audience, sending them off to Zoom will just lose people. Thoughts? x

  2. Not so many people in my launch as I’d hoped Laura. This Question is about cart open and next launch…
    I was planning to open cart next week for a Jan 2nd programme start. Do you think it would work if I put off the programme start till 1st of Feb – and get another launch week event in on the 20th with LLT?
    I feel like I’ve rushed this one a bit – and not followed Laura’s-launch-bible closely enough!!

  3. Also, what do you think about making my my pitch/masterclass next Sunday a ‘Webinar’ for the membership programme?
    I could then use that a few times in January?

  4. Me again – Week 6 of LLT – I have written my 7 core emails and chunked down 7 core social media posts – should I also have scheduled all these in ActiveCampaign/ on social media or should I wait? Answer to first question will mean I know whether I am putting a Zoom or FB link in to send people to. xx

  5. Hello! I polled my audience on FB yesterday on which topic they’d prefer to see in my next launch and there was a resounding winner. They want training around starting a new relationship with food – YAY! SO…. I have come up with “DUMP THE DIET – Diets don’t work. Start a new relationship with food”. It feels really good and I can still combine my challenge/classroom hybrid format. The format is a 5 day meal plan with shopping list/prep (that’s the challenge part – which gives them a win) and 3 live workshops as per a classroom launch + Q&As.

    BUT – I am struggling with flow/content for my 3 workshops. There are SO many things I can cover off but I’m conscious of giving them just enough, not the whole mountain! I have a habit of over-delivering! Currently I have:

    1) WHY DIETS DON’T WORK – Understanding why diets don’t work/how diets are keeping them stuck/imagine a life without diets…..
    2) IT STARTS WITH FOOD – overview of which foods help curb cravings, role carbs/fats/protein and eating ‘real’ foods
    3) IT ALSO STARTS WITH THE MIND – the mindset piece; 3 key mindset shifts that need to happen to break free from dieting
    4) WEBINAR – overview of success path & open cart.

    What do you think of this flow? Is there a specific role for each of the workshops? For eg. Workshop 2 could be divided into multiple workshops as it’s such a huge topic.

    Also – I have a bit of a resistance to writing slides (reminds of my days writing presentations in my previous career!), I feel like I’m better jamming on camera live. How vital is it to have a presentation??

  6. Sorry, me again. I’m struggling with timings for the workshops/open-close cart. In the past I have done:
    (in addition to daily pre-recorded trainings, which I am not doing this time)
    Monday – Live Workshop
    Tuesday – Q&A
    Weds – catch up day
    Thursday – Live Workshop
    Friday – Live Webinar/Open Cart
    Monday – Close Cart

    This time I am planning to do:

    Monday – Live Workshop 1
    Tuesday – Q&A
    Weds – Live Workshop 2
    Thursday – Q&A (or a catch up day! I feel I need to recharge mid-launch)
    Friday – Live Workshop 3

    And then I run into issues over the weekend with family commitments like my daughter’s pantomime performance on Sunday and my hubby’s b-day on Monday (which I know I’ve mentioned before; although he’s quite flexible and understands etc)

    I just can’t nail down when I should open and close my cart without leaving too much time between workshops and open cart, keeping the momentum going, and maintaining my energy. A 4-day open-cart is plenty for me! Ideas?

  7. Hi Laura, membership questions! if I am launching membership in Jan (founders launch) and then the big one in End of April / May. Should I still be looking to launching in March as we previously discussed doing the 2 before the big one? I could do that after the Holistic launch (beginning of March) to scoop up those people too? Or would you keep that launch to people that have bought from me?

  8. I’m getting a number of refund requests for the membership. I’m thinking that this is because my launch was delayed and wound up being too close to the holidays, so I’m choosing not to be bothered by it, but just in case, I wanted to check if I should be thinking something else?

    I’ve done a video to speak to those people who are feeling overwhelmed or worried about falling behind, and mentioned how hard it can be to invest in yourself if especially when reproductive health isn’t valued. But the majority who want a refund are saying that it’s for financial reasons.

  9. Hi Laura. I’m doing the #1MinutoLíder video challenge in linkedIn so today is day 8. I´m getting people accepting my invitations to connect, about 250 new ladies. And about another 30 new requests from them to connect. So this is really good. However although people are looking my videos they are not commenting on it. Just a couple of shares on early videos. Any ideas, what should I do next? Thanks.

  10. Also, 2 more questions! 1) If my founder’s launch webinar is about having the best year ever in 2020 – thinking that the first webinar should then be really focused on goal setting. Not sure as want to keep everyone excited when we start!

    2) Between May – Nov launch. Should i do a wait list launch in August where people can join at the May price – and promote the cost going up in Nov.