Spring 2021 Huddle – Wednesday 26th 5pm BST

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  1. Hi Laura,

    Right now I am hosting my 21-day online coaching program on my website from IONOS and I only have the 21 pages secured with ONE central password.

    I plan to move my program to another platform that offers the same service as your portal:
    – Login that each client can manage themselves
    – Provide access on a daily basis? Or can I buy it?

    And I decided to translate my program into my native language German – because it will be so much easier for me to market.

    Since I already have everything in English, I’m going to make it bilingual – but start in German first.
    Ok. so now I’m starting all over again – but my own language makes everything much, much, easier.

    What I need or plan:
    – To integrate a login area on my website, ideally with a payment button.
    – Within the login area, the 21 days will be unlocked one after the other. Each day, like yours, will contain audios, videos, and practice exercises with text.
    – Bilingualism: Switch from English to German (English I already have, German I translated so I can mark it in my native language)

    My question to you:
    – What plugins do I need and how do I build this?
    – or can you also provide a template for this can I also buy a template from you for this?
    What do I need to build my portal exactly like yours (plus bilingual and PayPal function)

    Can I buy one of your templates from your portal or what would you suggest?
    Are there templates on the market or do I need a plugin?

    I have no idea how WorldPress really works – I just overwrote your templates that you showed me in the toolkit.
    Ingeborg x

  2. Hi, I’ve sent out right fit messages to my hot leads. Do you recommend I also send messages to the members of the group who didn’t engage? If so what do you recommend I say as I wouldn’t have seen how much they gained from the bootcamp. I’ve also been looking at my email software and checking out those people who have read my emails several times over. Should I follow up with them privately over email?

  3. Laura, I have one sale so far and cart open till Friday. I am following your email sequence in the program. I also have more heartfelt/other stories I could share. My question for you is 1) how many emails do I send a day to launch list (i.e. keep to one a day until Friday or send whatever I think they need to hear) and what about the campaign to my master list? One email a day this week too (or just to people opening them)? I’d love to know any ideas to pump this up!

  4. Hi Laura, what time do you recommend closing cart at on friday? Is there an optimum time?
    P>S. Still got Stripe problems but 5 have eft me and 3 more waiting til card payment possible…yay ! 10% conversion of signups sofar

  5. Hi Laura,
    Tina, C-section recovery coach. I’m launching Thu 10th June with 3 workshops and Q&As afterwards and the plan is to do the celebration party on Sun 13th. I didn’t consult you, just thought with my clients being new mums, keeping it short and sweet would be best. I don’t think you were that keen on the idea and I just wanted to find out what you would suggest time wise. Thanks x

  6. hello Laura!
    my Q from earlier on: about slides – how do you physically get them into the presentation? Bearing in mind I don’t have keynote or any other program… I suppose google slides are possible ..So far all I have done is make some in photoshop to the right format. Where do you put them to then bring up and into a presentation? Thanks x