Spring 2021 Huddle – Wednesday 19th 5pm BST

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  1. I invested £2k in ads got I got about 450 emails (300 from ads + 150 organically) on the launch list but only 40 showed up live on workshop 1 + 20 caught the replay.
    Then yesterday on the coaching call only 15 turned up live.
    After dusting myself off this morning (I just felt like giving up) I realised I gotta keep turning up and bring the best version of myself.
    Any tips on how to stay motivated?

  2. Hey Laura (I’m not live because delivering workshop 2 right now). I have 420 registered for event which is great and low attendance this time around — in past about 25% especially early on and now it is 10% for workshop 1 and only 10 people for Q&A session 1. I have the engagement contest going, FB group (70 people in that) and low engagement there as well. People do know they can watch replays so might be doing on their own. My question is three-fold: What can I do to increase attendance, drive them to watch recordings/participate more and boost my confidence that I can still bring people into my membership even if low attendance :). Overall I am good ….need some help here. Thank you!!!

  3. Creativity Coach / Procrastination Expert
    Week 1 of my Stay Creative Coaching Program has started. YAY!
    Q: Lead magnet didn’t work, just wondering if there any ideas on what I could do to attract people/ get them to click. Current LM, “Instant Free Procrastination Busters” …

  4. Hi Laura,
    All going well, not perfect, lots of bumps but focusing on the buzz and engagement I have even though numbers aren’t huge . I feel really happy that I’m doing it. I’d like to increaase engagement in competitiveness..any tips? Also how do I do the hash tag search on the different paltforms? Thanks Caitriona