Spring 2021 Huddle – Wednesday 12th 5pm BST

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  1. I have scheduled my three workshops in StreamYard (and linked to my YouTube account), and just wanted to double check that there is no limit to how many people can view via my YouTube page (as there seems to be a limit of 6 people ‘on the stream’ on the free StreamYard version) but guessing that means ‘logged in’? Was aiming for more than six haha!

  2. Hey Laura! I am not live as I have a coaching session with a client. My question is . . . I am more prepared than usual, but I also feel like I have so many small things left to do. I am wondering what are the absolute must-haves to have in place before the event starts on Monday – my big rocks to focus on? (FYI I open my group tomorrow as I didn’t have the bandwidth to do it all this week). I couldn’t find a checklist with everything to have ready. I want to feel prepared going into it, but also know I don’t have time to do all the things. Thank you!

  3. I am going to ask a second question IF you have time. I am a bit confused on what to have set up between Zoom, streamyard, FB page etc. This is the first time I actually used pretty links for the events. Is it 3 x Zoom webinars set up for each workshop (added into prettylink) where they do not have to register? And use streamyard to host the Q&A sessions streaming onto FB page – and what URL do I put in for the Q&A/coaching calls? I have gone through the material but for whatever reason this part still confuses me!

  4. Hi Laura, I am launching one week later than the group and am putting finishing touches on my workshops. I am considering shifting the promotion of my offer and making a name change. My offer is a 4 week series of cooking classes. I currently call it Make It Together. But am considering more of a focus on the coaching aspect of the offer, versus just typical cooking classes as I am just realizing that my offer is essentially group coaching for cooking! From a marketing perspective would there be an advantage to promoting the “coaching” experience, versus just the “hobby” of cooking? And I am open to any new names that come to mind!!

  5. I have tech questions….can you help here or is that for Megan? It’s about my livestream page

    But another q is there a way to eliminate the “not secure” at the beginning of my launch url?

  6. We have 12 sign ups!!! However, only 2 have joined the facebook group. We know that one person clicked the link but hasn’t registered in the group. Not sure what that indicates? Is there something quirky with new facebook groups that might be an obstacle?

  7. Hi Laura,

    Right now I am hosting my 21-day online coaching program on my website from IONOS and I only have the 21 pages secured with ONE central password.

    I plan to move my program to another platform that offers the same service as your portal:
    – Login that each client can manage themselves
    – Provide access on a daily basis? Or can I buy it?

    And I decided to translate my program into my native language German – because it will be so much easier for me to market.

    Since I already have everything in English, I’m going to make it bilingual – but start in German first.
    Ok. so now I’m starting all over again – but my own language makes everything much, much, easier.

    What I need or plan:
    – To integrate a login area on my website, ideally with a payment button.
    – Within the login area, the 21 days will be unlocked one after the other. Each day, like yours, will contain audios, videos, and practice exercises with text.
    – Bilingualism: Switch from English to German (English I already have, German I translated so I can mark it in my native language)

    My question to you:
    – What plugins do I need and how do I build this?
    – or can you also provide a template for this can I also buy a template from you for this?
    What do I need to build my portal exactly like yours (plus bilingual and PayPal function)

    Can I buy one of your templates from your portal or what would you suggest?
    Are there templates on the market or do I need a plugin?

    I have no idea how WorldPress really works – I just overwrote your templates that you showed me in the toolkit.

    P.S. the language is just a big hurdle for me. I took a LIVE class from a German coach yesterday and realized that it would be a piece of cake for me to do LIVEs in German and it’s really just the language that’s slowing me down. So I went down the wrong path of offering my program in English or promoting it in English ….

    Now I want to make up time and offer it in German and not lose much time with the techni!!!

    So a template would be ideal in which I just have to load my content in German.

    Ingeborg x