Spring 2021 Huddle – Tuesday 11th 5pm BST

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  1. Hey Laura!
    * I’m a Self Worth and Confidence Coach who helps women believe they’re enough, so they can feel free to be themselves and achieve their dreams
    * I am launching my monthly confidence membership, called Peace Within
    * I have been going around in circles for months on my benefit-driven purpose, as you call it 🙂 Can you please help? Here’s what I have: “Held back to moving towards your dreams feeling confident, light, and free in 90 days”

    Thanks so much!!

  2. Hi Laura
    ~ Amy Here, Brand Clarity Coach
    ~ I’m launching the Crystal Clear Brand Immersion, a 7-week coaching programme to help people create a crystal clear brand, and actually use it!
    ~ I’m still getting people sign up for my freebie, but I’m aware that they’re going to be getting an email per day for the next five days ON TOP of all the launch emails going out… how should I deal with it? Just let them get them all? Switch off the welcome series? Warn them of what’s about to happen??
    (I’m launching w/c 24th May so a week later than most people in case that has any bearing)

    And then, if you have time (but don’t worry if you don’t) Can I ask about having a hashtag for the launch… how important is it? If I do #BrandingForABetterFuture it’s so long… does that matter? It’s the only one that seems sensible but also that doesn’t have any other posts on it.
    The only other one I thought of is #MakeMarketingEasier as that’s a big theme of the workshops and it’s more of a call to action.
    Would love to get your thoughts.

    Thank you!!

  3. Hey Laura, thanks for your help yesterday, have written the copy for my celebration party the only part I am a little stuck in is going about telling them they are getting it half price because it’s the first time I’ve done it (although I have well and truly sold it to them I hope)

    But the best way to explain that in return I need a testimonial and feedback throughout , I think I’ve got it but a bit of clarity would be great please x