Spring 2021 Huddle – Tuesday 18th 5pm BST

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  1. Hello Laura, I have been really stuck. I realised last week that I want to comletely change the stucture of my offer (s). I have been quiet in this group here but this is my secord time. I have taken Tribe and last years have created 8 membership (yes, you do read it right). I have membership for – mindset success called Secret Club, Rapid Transformers (hypnotherapy sessions), Healing Magic (trauma release), book club, meditation membership, weight loss membership, money mindset and management membership. The thing is – I am tired of launching them and people hop from one to another. The prices are different from 10 euros per month to 99 euros per month. The Secret Club is the entry and the others are more advanced level. I am thinking of packaing them to 1 or 2 memberships but am complety off how to do it. They have 1 zoom call per month each plus Rapid transformers do have hypnotherapy groupsession included plus weekly Monday fb lives inside fb group for Rapid transformers. Each has its success-path and success-stories. The thing is I am just so tired of launching each of them as it feels too complicated. Thank you dear Laura!

      1. Yes, I love launching. And they are going ok but want to grow more. Can you send me an offer for coaching this please if you feel this is your moijo.

  2. Hi Laura! I have had assorted link issues and have had to resend some info out and make apologies. Then I had one person email me saying that she was expecting the workshop to be more “meaty” and said I spent most of the time reading comments… I feel fine — just wondering if there is anything you would suggest I would say in the FB group or in the coaching call tonight to lift the mood or address the errors? Thanks!

  3. All of the below is caused by me not working my list enough đŸ™‚
    Yesterday I was the only person on my coaching call for 10 minutes, then 2 people showed up (asked no questions) and I just kept chatting to myself. Today on my Q&A no shows (but I had a lovely time talking to myself again!). I want to keep going this week, but wonder if I should just not “launch” next week and try again in a few weeks when I have interacted with my list a bit more?
    No one is in my facebook group apart from me. Only 10 signed up to the launch list in total (3 of which are not customers but trade press)?
    My Q is – should I shelve open cart rather than demoralise myself?

  4. Hi Laura, I have to push back another 2 weeks with my launch. My 1 year old got sick and I feel behind.

    My workshops are all scheduled on Zoom Webinar and I have the Prettylinks set up on the schedule posts.

    Do I change my date first on prettylink then change on the zoom webinar link? So sorry for this simple question but I am horrible with technology. Thank you for patience and time with me.

  5. Had fun last night, was exhausted today so took the morning off.
    So my engagement is really low, so I’ve shifted my focus to keep audience building and pumping myself up.
    Any tips for getting more engagement?

  6. Last quick question if there is time. My sales page is on Kajabi and I am doing all my other pages from your templates.
    Is this okay?
    Will I have an issue with tech during my launch?

  7. Hello! Can you tell me about chatroll analytics…

    Last night: 194 users, 130 hours viewing, and 7.4K messages delivered…is this how many comments???? This seems incredible!! I need to pay for a bigger number