Spring 2021 Huddle – Thursday 27th 5pm BST

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  1. Hi Laura, I need some help approaching the next two days here and if the time to reset expectations. I have been optimistic and a good energy throughout. I have followed the process more closely than ever have ( not doing everything but alot), I delivered a wonderful experience for people, and have only one sale. Before it was a high-ticket offer so $2000 and now it’s $200/month. I am planning bonjoros, offer right fit calls and email sequence. I will post on social media although this has not been my focus because of capacity (and haven’t had alot of luck in last selling straight from social media). I do believe I am attracting the right audience. Still not landing. I am looking for coaching on how to think about these next two days. I will admit that the thought has popped up why am I spending all this time and money on launching for so little return or do I need to scrap this whole membership idea — they are fleeting thoughts though and I don’t feel anxious with them and can dismiss them — still there. Overall though I am in a far better headspace and belief it will work out than I would have been in the past. I am just sharing this so you have context where I am at and help to figure out what to think/do going forward :).

  2. Hi Laura,
    Taking myself off for a much needed sea swim after a stressy week, so can’t be here live. However I am so happy to have 7 happy signups already to my program and a further 12 warm leads. They didn’t participate in the competition but are in various stages of conversation with me. What is the best strategy to get them to take the leap? I have sent your…what would it take to be a hell yes to some of them with no response. But haven’t sent it to some of them. What is my best plan of action to finish strong? I’m determined to hit that 5 figure launch and need 12 to push it over the line…if I get 8-10 I’d still be really happy.
    This doesn’t include the others on my list. I’m still doing my daily email using your template to those guys. This is just a very warm subset that I know is close to the line and want to nudge them either way, preferably into my fabulous program to help them up their game. I’m up for anything to make this happen. Lay it on me! Thank you Caitriona