Spring 2021 Huddle – Thursday 20th 5pm BST

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  1. Hi Laura and Friends, Unable to make it live today. How long should we leave replays up and FB group open? I am planning a 4-day cart. How should we frame the message for this? Thanks!

  2. (Reposted) Hi Laura, My pretty links are giving me trouble again this morning — the message says “Misdirected Request The client needs a new connection for this request host name does not match the Server Name Indication (SNI) in use for this connection. Please advise…I will try to solve it in the meantime! Thanks

  3. Hi everyone,
    I’m so happy with what my son Ross and I have achieved this week. We know our content works, we get fantastic feedback, energetic engagement in our workshops and Q&As so we are thrilled about that. However, we have had only 4 of the 30 on our list joining us live. We have 24 in the group but no real engagement in there. We started completely from the ground up with no list whatsoever until recently. So we were thinking of adapting our offer to a 7 week programme instead of a 12 week programme, so we can do another launch sooner rather than later. I just have a niggly feeling that we are pricing ourselves too high and that we should aim for a step lower on the value ladder. This will give us more time to build on the email list and continue the outreach strategies we have in place. When do we actually present the offer? Is that only on Monday? Do we have time to think this through over the weekend?

  4. I just launched my Membership last March – I use the same topic and content for the my course PLF launch, but in a webinar format instead. I’m now running my Course PLF launch and seem to have less people responding to my emails (I ask them to send me an answer to a question) and sign ups seem slow-ish. Do you think I am I launching too close between launches? or could it be something else?

  5. Will there come a point where this strategy won’t be effective as you lose the personal touch? Just had an attendee say…please don’t become XXX XXXX famous person who does this…as they are untouchable.