Spring 2021 Huddle – Monday 24th 5pm BST

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Amy Wright here, it’s the first day of mya launch event – Branding for a Better Future
    It went really well, but I haven’t had any extra sign ups today (apart from the wonderful LLTers who came to support me – legends!) I’m wondering if I’ve exhausted my network… I’ve only got 270 followers on instagram and 60 on my email list.
    My ad is doing ok, it says I’ve had 10 conversions but I’m not convinced as I know where most of my people came from…

    I’ve got a couple of questions, but hopefully quite short ones…
    Should I keep running my ad? Or change it up now? If yes, do I keep the same ad set and put a new add in there?
    I’m pretty knackered (my 10-month-old is teething and will not sleep ?) so I’m trying to be as efficient as possible… should I be focussing on just creating an amazing experience for the people already signed up (I’ve got about 40) or is it worth still encouraging new people to sign up?
    Thank you!!!

  2. So I had my party today. I announced the winner at the event but haven’t announced in the Facebook group yet – I told the group that the replay was available but didn’t announce the winner as I was hoping out of curiosity they’ll watch it even just to find out who won. Do I need to announce the winner in the Facebook group too? Outside of the replay. The winner attended live which was wonderful so she already knows.

  3. Finished Celebration Party last night, and there was great energy and so many wins. 3 sales so far, then some more link troubles unfortunately. Question is how to nurture those who were really transformed over the past week to consider the purchase? Thanks!

  4. Hi Laura,
    Tina, C-section recovery coach here. I’m not launching until 10th June. My cart opens after the celebration party on 13th June. When should I close cart? I’m on week 5 so not sure when welcoming week starts for me…Thanks x

  5. I posted in the FB group earlier about being in the zone of self-sabotage – my launch is in June and I’ve got ALL the fears! Wish I’d had time to do more audience-building, still have tons of content to prep … but feel like I *should* go for it anyway …

    but part of my head is whispering … ‘delay for 2 weeks’!! 😉