Spring 2021 Huddle – Monday 10th 5pm BST

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  1. Hello! Win-I have 100 people already signed up for free event (1 purchase of VIP – so that conversion not so great but oh well). My question is similiar to the one I posted in FB group. I have people already interested in the membership from the weekly webinar I did in April and I have been transparent with list it is coming in May. I was planning to do Tribe’s founding member launch email/post this week and I have emails / posts scheduled for this week to invite people to the free event (where I will launch membership as well). So my question is the emails/posts for this week – right now I have Mon, Wed and Fri an email scheduled to invite list and social media posts. I would like to do the founding members email / social media post on Tues or Thu this week to give people chance to sign up now. I am curious your thoughts on my email/social media post strategy for this week. FYI I wont open myFB group until Thursday to give me some room this week to finish up tasks and focus my energy. Thank you!

  2. I have an ad running….AWFUL results….I have always had great results with ads. I want to cry…$20/day…only 6 subscribers since May 6.

    Do I turn it off…do a new one?

  3. I will ask another question since no other ones (you can ignore if want since #2 for me). Do you have any resources on selling a membership specifically? Any different than would have put an offer in the past? I am following your slides for delivering offer in the LLT program

  4. I have one static image ad running and it is doing well to both lookalike and warm audiences. I recorded a quick video ad inviting people to register — do you have a suggestion for when to shift to the video one? I know you just spoke about all the ways to do this — I guess I am concerned to not take away from the success of the image ad. Hope that makes sense thanks!

  5. Hey Laura, me again, helping moms setup business! Laughable! As I need handholding myself ?
    you said to ask here, I am worried nobody is going to join my Bootcamp never mind my course and so am wondering if it would be easier to have it as a membership rather than a course and keep open cart (I know this is not recommended by you as no urgency) however if I end up tied with a 12 week course with 2 people I’m stuffed, if I open membership and only have 2 people I can carry on adding people!!

    Hope that makes sense

    Thanks so much xx