Spring 2021 Huddle – Monday 17th 5pm BST

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  1. Eek today is the day! All my events are during this time so I won’t be live. A few things I didn’t get done, one being the engagement contest set up — I am going to share something in workshop 1 today and say more details will be included in the followup email how to enter. I am wondering how I can adjust to include this when not doing it right from the start properly and your advice. FYI I am planning to pitch on Friday right now — my intuition says with my audience that doing it during the week is a good move. I will be openly speaking about it from the start. 400 registered so biggest event for me!

  2. So nervous! Not sure why because I have done this before…but learning so many new things it was daunting.

    Q. I regret thinking Would have my celebration this week a well…don’t ask me why I decided that! I don’t even remember. But it was foolish…I want to change it to next Monday…gracefully.
    Thoughts on ways to present.

    The suggestions already were helpful.

    Q. Also my chatroom box does not go all the way across the page…I only pasted the code and did nothing else I promise đŸ™‚

    Q. Can I ask another, please…I am confused on the pretty links/scheduled links on the event page….do I change them now? What ones are for where and when? I have all links created and workshops scheduled through ecamm/youtube. I should have 4 separate event pages copied and created correct? So sorry I am asking so much today
    This got me up in the middle of the night trying to figure it out.

  3. I’m not launching yet. Should I buy a webcam for when I do? I seen the one you recommeend is not expensive. My phone camera is good quality and I could put my phone in DND mode but I don’t know is it a bad idea to use my phone?

  4. I’m so nervous but super excited. I’m a little upset about the amount of people who have signed up but Im also pumped about the idea to do this again.
    Im going to continue to promote the event throughout the week.
    My Q: When do we close cart?