Spring 2021 Huddle – Friday 28th 5pm BST

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Had my last workshop of Branding for a Better Future today, but my email didn’t go out so I’m worried some people missed it. ?

    A few people turned up halfway through saying they tracked me down.

    Is this just a good opportunity to email them again about the replay. To encourage them to come to the catch-up call? Not sure how to handle it and my brain is fried ?

    Super positive last workshop though even if only 8 people made it so ???

  2. Hi Laura ; I can’t make the call but:
    I am just writing my launch copy for workshop1 and am wondering exactly when I should mention that it’ll be a Beta course – is it when I get to the bit
    ‘Who loves Prizes?’ so that when I say 1 person will win – 1 x 6 week art course at £200 plus 2 coaching calls valued at £240 – I verbally weave in that in following years the course price will at least double. OR do I actually put the Beta word on the slide ? IE when should I mention the Beta most effectively!? Thanks. happy bank holiday x

  3. Hey Laura,
    Sent 60 bonjoro s today and crickets! Got 4 replies to no can’t do it now. Also sent the day 5 email in LTL template . Disappointed and not sure what else I can do. What to do? Thanks Caitriona

  4. Hi Laura,

    My FB ad is flopping… should I ditch it and start again? I’ve never had a FB ad really work so I’m not really sure what is going wrong. The one I have now is asking for signups to my workshop.

    Thanks : )

  5. Hi Laura, I believe downsell should be offered about 4 days after cart close. I have drafted a “what prevented you from joining” survey — when should that go out giving I am planning the downsell? Thanks for the great support throughout.