Spring 2021 Huddle – Friday 21st 5pm BST

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  1. Hi, I’d love some help with the format of the celebratory party and timeline… I am hoping they will buy into my monthly membership.

    So I was going for… overview of workshops, some positive mindset stuff, then talk about the membership, announce competition winner, talk about the fast acting bonus and the sales page. Is that the right order? I’m getting confused as to whether I do the comp winner then talk about the membership then the price? Thank you.

  2. Working on my sales page….thank goodness for all the prep writing/emails you had us do….I am not scrambling for content!

    Curious on your sales page….you have a trademark phrase(Launch Experience Method™)…what does one do to have a trademark phrase?

  3. Hi Laura! What is your recommendation for keeping the FB group open and the replays up? How long should we have them available and how should we message about this? Thanks and thank you for all the help this week. Enjoy the weekend, Everyone!

  4. Also working out my offer….

    heART Club is a monthly membership at $27/mon. I am also offering a summer 6 pack of paintings for those who just want something to pay for and go…$77…I thought this would be free for those who signed up for heART club…

    I feel like Im getting too complicated with it…just need to talk it out I think

    Stuck on how to offer bonuses…

  5. Hi Laura,
    Hope you are well. Love your curls!
    I’m just getting cart ready for Monday open, what module do I need to look at for email frequency on offer etc?
    Had the most amazing week but feeling tired.