Spring 2021 Huddle – Friday 14th 5pm BST

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  1. Not able to join live, but wondering if there are other strategies for making sure people show up live? Thanks for everything, Laura — your tips are all so well-timed!!!! Happy weekend, everyone. Christine

  2. Hey Laura!

    I have a couple questions, but I’ll ask one for now unless you have time for more… What landing page do you include the workshop videos on? Is it the sign up page or do you create a separate landing page for the videos? Thanks!

  3. Hi Laura, first huddle this week as I need some Laura energy!

    Out of 100 people only 20 joined the group so far. any suggestions on how I can increase the number of people going into the group?

  4. Life happens doesn’t it. Husband Tony has a broken arm and can’t do all the stuff he normally does which means I’m going to have to literally be him – if he gets work I will have to go with him to help assemble equipment, do all the cooking, driving ( includindg 1000 miles taking our son to see universities) all totally unexpected. I was already delayed.
    Do you think I should just take much longer to launch or go nuts trying to make a smaller course , shortening everything and try your fast launch method . I’m keen but already a bit burnt out ( had four root canals on Wed in one tooth so it’s been a Week and a HALF))
    This is my dream – or one of them and it keeps moving further away! I sent a free class to all my interested peeps this morning and I did say what’s happened and that I might make something a bit shorter… Thank you for your thoughts.

  5. Laura, if another question is allowed 🙂 …. do we have access to your workshop videos? I couldn’t find them in the course. I would love to see how you flow through the content because you definitely have a gift with it!

  6. How do you choose a close cart date as I hate to close and lose those last buyers that might trickle in. I have typically kept cart open until the date the offer starts. Could you review the benefits of closing the cart versus keeping it open up until the offer starts.

  7. I have just had the most epic month in my business – the biggest month I have ever had which means my launch has literally come to a grinding halt! As of next week, it should go back to steady so I am looking forward to cracking on. Now I just need to motivate myself. I am having the weekend off for the first time in god knows how long. I’m only in week 4 in the course – what would be a realistic launch date? End of June beginning of July?

  8. I’m no where near ready to launch but while you’re talking about ads.. If I’m doing a low cost membership what will my ad spend be like so I don’t spend more than I make? Or any tips for someone doing lower ticket?

  9. Gracy – Owner of Suits & Saints LTD – I’m in the same position as Pippa. My last performance date is 10th of July? Any ideas on a good estimated date for me to launch? Gxx

  10. Hey Laura, after my conversation this afternoon on fb with you, I am so ready to quit!! Please just tell me what to do!! Haha, nightmare student I know x