Social Media Post: Show up live to the event

Reminder it’s on today


It’s TODAY lovely! 


The Love to Launch Planathon is starting shortly and I can’t wait to share my best launch strategies with you. 


A curiosity-based bullet of what you’ll be sharing, with social proof that it works


In today’s class, I’m revealing my “B___  D___ H___” Framework.

This is the exact same mindset-makeover framework I use for my own launches, AND with the 5, 6, and 7 figure entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, on their launches. 

You’re going to love how much easier this makes things!

Call to action for people who haven’t joined yet, with link

There’s still time to join if you haven’t already! 

Here’s the link: [Link]

I’ll see you live shortly! 


Laura x


Let them know you’ll be answering questions (make it feel hands-on/high value)


P.S. Got questions? The best way I can help you is if you join us live on the calls. See you there!