Nurture sequence – email 4

SUBJECT: The #1 thing holding you back from your wildest launch success

When I was at the beginning of my launch journey, I would look at those further along in their journey and sigh heavily.

The “compare game” sucked.

I lacked confidence, I hated being in the spotlight, and frankly, I felt like I  didn’t have what it takes to be a wild success!

And I know I’m not alone because one of the most compelling reasons I knew I should become a coach was because I could see insanely talented folks with the same challenges I had.

Your problem is not your audience size, your launch content or your fancy-schmancy branding.

It’s your mindset.

Building a powerful launch mindset is 99% of the game.

Here’s an exercise I want you to try as you gear up for your next launch.

Step into your wildest launch success.

1 – Write out, in detail, your wildest launch success story: the results, the impact, the stories, the growth. Imagine you had found the way to overcome all the challenges you previously faced and your launch was everything you dream about.

2 – Now reflect on the person you will become as a result of that launch success:

Here are some questions to prompt you:

  • What are the kind of decisions you are making about your launch now?
  • What are the actions you are personally taking during your launch?
  • What have you stopped doing in your launch?
  • How are you showing up as a leader in your launch?

Now the important part is coming up –

If you want that success story you created, you have to become that successful person now (not later!)

You see, most people believe that you need to have success first before you become a successful person.

But this is entirely back to front!

You have to be the successful person first before you can have the success.

This mindset shift completely transformed my launches and life and now underpins all the strategic work we do at Love To Launch.

Launch success starts on the inside lovely.

See you tomorrow for the final part of this launch success series.

Laura x