Nurture sequence – email 3

SUBJECT: The time I hated launches…

It’s a running joke now in my company that, as the founder of Love To Launch, that there was a time I hated launches.

Yes, it’s true!

They were overly complicated, too time-consuming, and I was mentally and emotionally drained every time I did them. Instead of celebrating launch success, I’d be taking emergency spa trips to recuperate.

Despite putting in more and more effort, my launches just weren’t growing.

I found myself leaking extortionate amounts of money on advertising for not the same level of return.

This was, in part, my fault.

In between my launches, I would disappear and then when I needed to launch again, I hadn’t given myself enough time to build an audience and would need to pay for more ads.

But also because I assumed that if I put more money into advertising and the “best of the best” tech people, I was guaranteeing my launch success.

After an especially expensive launch with a very poor return on investment, I vowed to transform the way I did things.

And so began my journey to find ways of doing launches differently.

>>> I started to place more focus on building close relationships with my followers, long before they paid me.

>>> I stopped spending months creating content and simply showed up as the unscripted version of “me”.

>>> I stopped spending vast amounts of money on paid advertising to get people into my launch and started devoting more time to being consistent in between launches.

And the result…

An 80% reduction in ad spend and doubling my launch conversion rate.

All through spending more time being myself, and less time trying to create the perfect launch machine.

I now love launches and this inspired my company mission.

To empower you with the knowledge you need to have highly profitable launches – with more fun and more ease, and fall in love with the journey.

I promise you one thing my lovely if you don’t love them now then hang around here some more because you will soon.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

Laura x