Nurture sequence – email 2

SUBJECT: Bigger launches are not about bigger effort…

Laura, here again, founder of Love To Launch, with some epic launch strategies to help you have bigger launch success with more ease!

Did you get your success guide yesterday ~Contact.FirstName~?

If it didn’t land in your inbox (pesky email providers!) hit reply and we’ll get that to you!

And importantly… did you plan in your launch “power hour” for this week?

It’s amazing what a simple hour spent working on the right things can do for your next launch. (Hint: those things are in your guide)

But I understand when you’ve finished your launch the last thing you want to think about is the next launch.

Once your launch is over and you’re busy delivering your offer to your customers, it’s easy to get sucked into the constant doing – and this is why, for many folks, their launches stay small.

Launch >>> get busy >>> stop audience-building >>> focus on the wrong things >>> next launch is small.
I don’t want you to stay on that rollercoaster!

Yes when you’re first starting out your launches will naturally be smaller and you’ll have to do them more regularly, but if you focus your time in between on the right things your launches will grow bigger, faster.

All it takes is a short amount of time invested each week on the right things to amplify your results next time.
Bigger launches are not about bigger effort – it’s about simply being smart with how you invest your time in-between them.

Today I want to encourage you to do 3 things…

1 – Commit to completing another task in the success tips guide.

2 – Start getting small admin tasks off your plate! If you haven’t hired help, now is the time.

3 – Go and start getting consistent with your social media content again.

The more small tasks you get off your plate means more time spent building your audience and working on the important things.
That’s where launch growth comes from. I know this first hand!

In the next email, I’m going to tell you the problems I had with my early launches, how I fixed them and the growth that happened as a result…

See you there,

Laura x