Nurture sequence – email 1

SUBJECT – Here’s how to amplify your launch results next time ~Contact.FirstName~!

So you’ve finished your launch and you’re now delivering on your offer and hopefully you’re thinking about your next launch ~Contact.FirstName~?

OK OK, maybe you’re not quite as in love with launches as I am and you’re having a short breather – that’s totally ok…

I am well known as the lady that LOVES to launch, the company name gives it away right! My mission in business is to help you love launches as much as I do and now you’re on my subscriber list I can share all that goodness to your inbox!

I’m guessing because you requested this freebie, you’re probably thinking about doing another launch at some point! YAY!

In the downloadable PDF guide (link below) I’ve shared my top 10 tips on how to set yourself up for an even better next launch but I wanted to share some extra advice with you over the course of the next few emails to truly help you up-level your results.

Whether you were disappointed with your launch results and want to fix your launch for next time, or you were happy and want to continue the momentum – what I’m going to share in the next 5 emails will make all the difference for next time.

For today, there’s just one thing you need to do… download the guide and decide which one you’re going to implement.

PRO TIP: Get one item actioned this week and actually schedule it into your calendar. Let’s call it your launch power hour!

Tomorrow I’m going to talk about why people get stuck on the launch rollercoaster in the first place and what you can do about it.

Laura x

P.S. Whilst you’re here, I’d love to hear about your last launch! What were you most proud of? Hit reply and let me know.