Monthly Metrics Date

Congratulations on meeting yourself for a Monthly Metrics Date!   These instructions are based on the Monthly Metrics Date Masterclass.  

Step 1: Review your month

  1. What was your biggest win this month?  Look back and acknowledge some of your accomplishments this month.  
  2. What was your biggest lesson learned?
  3. What do you feel most proud about?
  4. Review your profit plan.  Refer to the Profit Planning Masterclass for more details and worksheets.  

Step 2: Plan your month ahead

  1. How much revenue do you want to generate this month? 
  2. What’s your plan to accomplish this month’s revenue goals?
  3. Set 3 business goals for the month.
  4. Set 3 personal goals for the month.

Step 3: Make this a monthly habit.

Reinforce this habit of reviewing your month by scheduling your next Monthly Metrics Date in your calendar.  You’ll be glad you did.