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Welcome Day – Links & Recordings

Monday is full now so I have added a new day on Friday 15th March.

Join me for a face to face introduction call! Choose a session and let me know which one is best for you so I can make sure I allot enough time for everyone! 

This is the call that we’ll decide on your 90 Day plan.


Session 1 …. RECORDING

Session 2 ….  RECORDING

Session 3 …. RECORDING


Session 1 …. RECORDING

Session 2 …. RECORDING


  1. I can only do session 3 as it is my day with my daughter on Mondays. I maybe a little late as I have booked a zoom meeting with an interested franchise candidate at 7.30pm

  2. I can’t book in to the sessions on my work PC – but would like the am session please – will do when I get home.

  3. Fyi, I have an appointment at 4pm and need to leave at 3:15pm, hope that works! If not, happy to join another call, can’t do Friday though.

  4. all there now thanks… have since noticed you put in FB group as well. Will watch later while doing chores… great to see faces and their niches….