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Don’t leave your revenue goals to chance!


  1. Again, really useful Laura, thank you. I’ve been doing a version of this for years too but love the incremental growth target idea – I previously set one that was consistent across the year. My tracking day is the last day of every month – will be adding the promo plan to my processes from now on.

  2. I found no resistance with accepting this whatsoever. I do have money blocks though. But since we have faithfully tracked with my husband our expenses for a year (for the first time in my life), and with starting bullet journalling habit the organizational part of it does not scare me. I see only value in this.

  3. Loved this! Cannot wait to get started on tracking revenue more efficiently and putting together a promo plan. I feel this has been my missing piece. My biggest take away from the training was not to plan based on 100% capacity. I have done this throughout the entire year and now I’m absolutely exhausted! This is the most important thing I must change in 2019.