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What’s your “next level” up in 2019?


  1. Thanks for this Laura. Lots to think about. Many areas for me aren’t where I want them to be so this is great food for thought!

  2. Oh, and to answer your questions. I’m proud I’ve started building my tribe. Health needs to take more of a focus next year.

  3. Thank you, Laura, for these videos. The word that comes to my head as a key word for the next year is growth. When I look at my previous year (years) family and health seem to have always been my priority. I have to learn to carve out more time for business next year or else I will have no growth in that area again, like I did not see it in 2018 (occasional clients don’t count).

  4. Thank you Laura! Very useful exercise. My 2019 word is Freedom, if I’m able to achieve this next year so many of my other goals will fall into place.