Explaining the why

It seems strange, that when you want to give value away for free – that you still need to convince people that they need to take part.

 And that’s because they’re giving you their TIME – which is just as important a currency as cash!

Especially when you’re in the early stages of launching products.

If you get people to spend time with you, then that’s half the battle won with sales. 

So today, you need to draft a “why” post to explain why they need to take notice of your themed week.

This might take you some time to craft if you don’t like writing copy, but if you can start flexing the copy muscle on small pieces of copy – you’ll find sales copy later down the line a LOT easier. We’ll have you drafting out killer sales copy before you know it 😉

Make sure you include these components…

Hint: Refer back to your customer profile and empathy map and pull out the words they use.

  • Attention grabbing headline
  • Why they should you pay attention to you
  • A big reason to take part
  • Another big reason to take part
  • Reassurance of what help they can expect
  • A strong call to action


My themed week is about sharing lessons I’ve learned about identifying ideal clients so my community members can upgrade their business.

What if I could give you a magic wand to wave, and finally get rid of those soul-sucking clients….

Wouldn’t that be nice, lovely? You freaking bet it would!

I’m so glad you’re here in the Upgrade Your Biz community because I’m going to share all the secrets that have helped me create my DREAM client business and my best strategies.

You deserve a business that you love and clients that you love, not the ones that drain the life out of you and make you hate the business you are so passionate about!  So this week is all about identifying your dream clients so you can create a strategy to WIN them, upgrade your biz and life the live you really want.

And guess what, its 100% FREEEE… but just because its free, it doesn’t mean its not his value.

Frankly, I want you to stay in this community so you can bet I’m going to give you my ALL my best support here 🙂

So if you’re ready to UPGRADE YOUR CLIENTS, let me share some of my BEST STUFF in this subject this week – plus I’ll be here in the group to answer your questions.

No question is stupid 🙂 And you can always reach out privately if you’re feeling a little nervous in here… I know what its like to join a new community but 

I’m sure you’ll feel right at home soon.

I can’t wait to share some of my biggest lessons learned with you this week!

So drop a comment below and let me know if you’re in, by saying “I’m ready to upgrade my clients!”



  1. My themed week is helping young single adults prepare for and attract their ideal spouse.

    I think the themed week/5 day challenge… if I’m getting the dots connected right is the above…..rather than “purpose.”