Today its time to brainstorm all the places you could share your group / channel with your audience… and don’t be afraid to write personal messages to people.

If you’re creating a group do not add people to it, invite them! (You’ll lose a lot of friends simply adding people in, but it doesn’t mean you can’t rent a few fans to get things moving!)


  • Websites / forums you use
  • Friends in business (and do they have networks!)
  • Social media platforms you hang out on
  • Networking groups
  • Your email list
  • Client lists
  • Business cards
  • In your CRM system
  • Old lists you’ve forgotten about
  • Personal FB
  • Blogs
  • Communities you’re a member of
  • Business groups

And NOW…. it’s time to get your INVITE created (use the assets you’ve already created so far)

How willl you invite people to join your community / group / channel?