Welcome to Day 4 of the tribe building challenge!

Today’s task is about drafting your one liner and your 3 big benefits about why someone should pay attention to your community!

For example…

If you are a marketer creating a community for small business owners starting from scratch.

Then your community 1 liner might be called…

“The #1 online community for startup businesses because bootstrapping doesn’t mean you can’t build a badass brand”

And my 3 bullets might be…

  1. Discover hacks, tips and strategies to grow your business that won’t break the bank.
  2. Hang out with like-minded business owners on the same journey as you for motivation, inspiration and sharing knowledge.
  3. Learn from successful business owners and industry leaders who’ll be sharing their lessons learned and top strategies on our weekly free workshops.


  1. The #1 online community for young single adults because now is the next best time of your life.

    1. Connect with others from around the world who are on the same pathway as you are for discovery, growth and joy.
    2. Communicate your hopes, fears, dreams, challenges and frustrations in a non judgmental safe environment.
    3. Contribute your unique talents, ideas and experiences so that together we make a huge impact and change the world.