Theming your days

As you know, in the Products System mastermind – we have 2 themed days…

Monday Commitments and Friday Wins!

Your task today is to come up with your own themed regular content.

This creates engagement and makes your content creation easier!

Reflect on what your audience need help with…

Is it motivation? Inspiration? Sharing? Committing?

If you get stuck, refer back to your Empathy Map for ideas!


  1. Mine so far are Storytelling Saturdays designed to help my group refame how they tell the stories of their lives to direct the energy where they want to go instead of where they are and what they don’t like.
    Momentum Monday also this helps to refocus to keep the momentum up on the subjects that are important to them
    I also am doing a Bedtime Story segment because the momentum before you go to sleep affects where you start out the next day

  2. Monday Inspiration
    Wednesday Follow Through
    Friday Victory

    All a bit cheesy but I’m just going forward without thinking to much. (more gut, less mind)