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Day 20

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to Day 20 of the Tribe Build Challenge!

And wow, you have achieved sooooo much!

You created your group, crafted a valuable content plan, designed a themed week to engage your new audience, and leveraged all the opportunities you have online to share it!

Today its time to do a review of everything you have done so far to ensure you haven’t missed out implementing any of the strategies you came up with.

Go back through each of the challenges and ensure that everything you planned has been implemented into your group – and if you have done that, here’s what I recommend next…

  1. Creating as many conversations as you can in your community – what’s the themes that are cropping up? (This forms your future content plan).
  2. When someone praises your community, thank them and ask them if they know anyone else who might like to join?
  3. Schedule your posts for your themed days if you can, or set reminders on a calendar to do it.
  4. Assess the engagement on your themed day posts – are people engaging? If no, switch things up!
  5. How are people find your group? That’s the area you can increase your activity and get MORE people to join.
  6. Run your themed week and create some amazing engagement!
  7. Get brave and do your first FB live into your group answering the top questions you’ve been getting.
  8. Rinse and repeat đŸ™‚ (The key to building a highly engaged community is by being consistently awesome!).

When you are happy with engagement and your group has 50+ members,  I recommend jumping into a CHALLENGE LAUNCH for your product!