Over the past 12 days you’ve done a LOT of content prep work, but now is time to start sharing your group and adding members!

Today, its time to your TO DO LIST of places you’re going to share…

I can’t give you all the answers, because your audience will be hanging round in different places, but these are some of the places you can start….

Refer back to Day 7 for your initial brainstorm… but today’s task is to create your action list of places you will start posting.

For example…

  1. Personal FB profile
  2. Business FB page
  3. Groups you’re a member of (get permission first!)
  4. Forums you use
  5. Add to your forum signature
  6. Website blog sidebar advert
  7. Popup banner on your website
  8. Topbar (strip of colour at top of website)
  9. Blog post
  10. Website page
  11. Email
  12. Email signature
  13. Social media post
  14. Social media advert
  15. Online communities you’re a member of