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How A-players constantly level up


  1. Great video, thank you Laura. Lots of food for thought. I agree that business skills are very applicable in all areas of life. That is why as a self-improvement junkie I am attracted to doing business.
    I plan to do more of 1. focusing on business, 2. reality facing by tracking numbers (time, money, activities) 3. content creation.
    I have to stop: 1. procrastinating 2. putting myself down 3. long spans of indecision.
    I plan to develop skills of: 1. mastering video, 2. branding, 3. selling.

    1. Valentina, this is wonderful đŸ™‚ Love that you’ve taken an honest look at where you’re at and made plans. Procrastination often comes to me when I don’t feel super-aligned to what it is I’m doing – have you reflected on why you do that?